went Short before the start of a “national debate” on the solution of the “yellow vests”crisis in France again, tens of thousands of people to Protest against the government on the streets. Around 84,000 “yellow West” had been counted throughout the country – far more than last weekend, as French media reported, citing the interior Ministry. It was the ninth protest weekend in a row. In London the movement to found imitators. Thousands demonstrated on Saturday in the British capital against the government of Prime Minister Theresa May.

In Paris and other French cities, came from the afternoon to tensions between police and protesters. Serious riots, however, was nothing for the time being known. Some of the demonstrators have thrown in the capital, near the arch of triumph projectiles in the direction of police officers, said a police spokeswoman in the German press-Agency. The security forces had used tear gas and water cannons.

Until mid-afternoon were in Paris according to the police, more than 100 people in connection with the “yellow West”protests. They had worn the prohibited weapons, or a group of connected, may commit acts of violence, it was said to the police. According to the Prosecutor’s office of 74 people in Paris were taken into police custody.

protesters shoot fireworks at security forces

gathered in other cities, “yellow West”. In Bourges, approximately 5000 people went, according to the local Prefecture to afternoon on the road. Their Protest ran initially largely peaceful. In the afternoon, they were looking for, however, the information suggests that the confrontation with the security forces. The city of in Central France, was under special observation by the security authorities, after it had been Online calls for mass protests.

In Bordeaux in the southwest of the country, the conservation of protesters fireworks shot in the direction of the security forces, as seen in television images. The forces injected from the tubes, water on the “yellow vests”. In Rouen, in Northern France yellow West “journalists from the channel LCI that they were attacked,” wrote interior Secretary of state, Laurent Nunez on Twitter and condemned the act.