Brussels –

in A post on social media, it seems, the police are free to make the case for the images that were taken during the operation of the klimaatbeweging Extinction patrick’s day celebration on Sunday, in Brussels, belgium. ‘It seems’, because there is no guarantee that the Facebookpost, the whole truth, tells a story.

“good Day, friends. I am the kind of person that in the picture. There is done nothing illegal. The officers served me with a product to deal with the consequences of pepper spray to soothe”, so it writes to a certain mr. Jean-Christope Laming is on Facebook.

On this particular image by a camera crew from the VTM was made do you see the protester handcuffed and lying on the ground, and the agents, as a product, in his eyes, and spray. What isn’t shown is that of the man a few seconds later, however, a antitraangasmiddel get. The police had the footage in the following order to launch an investigation into the possible politiebrutaliteiten.

it’s a plea to the Facebookpost, the agents are now free. According to sources close to the Brussels police, it is the message that Jean-Christophe Laming of the ‘fake news’. “In the picture, it is the active bus, the pepper spray is clearly to be seen” as what it sounds like. The police department does in fact have a product in order to maintain the effects of the pepper spray in the eyes can help. “Well, it’s in a different package. Easy to see why: we don’t want our agents to feel of the product is wrong.”

“Not a single incident,”

you can Also klimaatbeweging Extinction patrick’s day celebration to stress to them that it is a message, nothing will change the facts. “The bus with pepper spray, it is easy to see. On the other hand, is it true that some of us have by the police, and have helped a lot with a product to reduce the effects of the pepper spray to neutralize it,” says spokesman Linden Polfliet. The klimaatbetogers to emphasize that this is not the only incident was with the police and continued was about.

as for The alleged message of the police to the protester, it helped rather than pepper spray in his eyes, and a spray – can, in the meantime, eager to be shared on social media. The well-known economist Geert Noels, the early “fixes” to whom the police had been accused of.
More about the klimaatprotest police union demands a meeting with the Brussels city council: “Left-wing people are always allowed to have more than the right one. This can be no longer the Police takes of 435 demonstrators during a protest ‘Extinction patrick’s day celebration’ of Police turn water cannon in order to klimaatactivisten of the Centre is to drive out during the ‘Royal rebellion’campaign, About 130 klimaatactivisten picked up in Amsterdam