technology fund Prosus a takeover fray launched around maaltijdbezorger Just have to Eat. Recently on the Amsterdam stock exchange-listed company, has a 4.9-billion-pound, the euro as eur 5.7 billion, the British company that offer a convincing rejection. The bid in the amount of Prosus is to be 20 per cent higher than that of the Takeaway and Just Eat.

the Prosus, the subsidiary of South African media, and techreus Naspers, has approached the board of directors of Just Eat was recently to be an inheritance talk about it. Compromise was not, however, and three of the bids were rejected. I decided that Prosus to put up with a hostile offer, and the price of 7.10 m sterling in cash per share directly to shareholders.

you Just have to Eat it, “unsolicited bid” by Prosus in the meantime, in a statement to resolutely refused. They call out to their shareholders also to the requirement of the investor, in the deal. Just-Eat is called by the Prosus offer price is too low. The offer of a Takeaway, it would be more of value to offer.

Chief executive Bob van Dijk of Prosus is the step, however, is not at odds with. “We believe that many shareholders are interested in and want to make their case.” Prosus, says his bid, in cash, to provide certainty to shareholders and Just Eat. This security also offers Takeaway, which is that the acquisition was largely in shares, wanted a meeting and talked about a merger, according to the investor, does not.

the Prosus points out, moreover, to have faith is to have private delivery companies such as Just Eat, which has. Takeaway and ceo Jitse Groen, has on several occasions said there would be little to see. Prosus has a lot of experience with such ” hybrid bezorgbedrijven’ which is well delivered, if a market can offer to companies that are self-service. That’s what the fund is invested in.

The technology fund has already made investments in a number of similar businesses, such as Delivery Hero, iFood, and Swiggy. Just Eat and iFood in Brazil, a joint venture, and we know each other so well. “We have to make, which is reason regular discussions with the board of directors at Just Eat and it would be in the top-level management largely intact and would hold.” By Delivery Hero has Prosus, moreover, indirectly have a small interest in the Takeaway in his hands.

the Takeaway and did not respond immediately to the notification. The price of the stock, Just have to Eat and went to the stock exchange in London, up almost 25 percent. Prosus has won by 0.5 per cent in the world. The share of Takeaway and it was much higher, and led the blue chip companies in Amsterdam, with a plus of 4.2 per cent.