Antwerp –

The court of first instance of Antwerp, on Tuesday, a witness questioned in the case of the trustees of the megabordeel the Villa Tinto, which is due to a number of the prostitutes of expression are being accused of. The woman said that she is on top of the rent, have the extra money or gifts to give to be able to get it.

Actually, there are seven sex workers were called to come and testify, but only one of them showed up. It is also a civil party liable, and has, therefore, not under oath, examined. The woman stated that the accused persons Muriël U (63) as well as Georges V. 54) is not directly extra money, or gifts asked, but also of all the other girls had heard.

“Muriël did know that if she needed anything. Then, she said, for example, that her watch was broken, or that her handbag was old. The girls were afraid of her. She was verbally very aggressive,” testified the woman.

She worked for four years in the Villa Area and he gave Muriël U.s., say, more than four gifts per year. “In the end, I had to stop, and then they let me out of the Villa Area is put, so to speak, because I find that the door had to be open.”

They are afraid of the police, in the skippers ‘ quarter, not to speak of it, because they feared that, under a cap, formed an alliance with the owners of the megabordeel. Eight months after she moved out of the Villa Area, they had a complaint filed. Six of the sex workers have confirmed the story. The public prosecutor’s office had set up two years in prison for Muriël U.s., and for eighteen months prior to the Georges V. at an advanced stage. They ignore the facts, and the acquittal.

On december 3rd, to get all of the parties will have the opportunity to have the witness respond to it.