Pros and cons of a Salary Cap in hockey – Finally Fair Play! No, this is a planned economy!The ice hockey club will discuss on Wednesday about the introduction of a Salärobergrenze per Team. The miracle cure to reduce the wages? Or an inhibitory egalitarianism?Opinion Simon Graf, Reto Kirchhofer1 Kommentar1Volle stages, thrilling Action On the ice works for the Swiss ice hockey well. But financially it is not profitable.Photo: Keystone

“The urgency is as high as ever.”

Reto Kirchhofer, Editor-in-sports

The reason has triumphed. A hundred times heard and read. But actually, it behaves in Sport, rather, The pursuit of Victories makes unreasonable.

The highest Swiss League is attractive, the stadiums are superbly utilised. However, donations from patrons and operation of foreign revenue for the representatives of the National League of existential importance. Because spending and wages are too high. And because the people responsible for the reason giving way, at the latest, if you want to prevent (almost) any price, the descent or the title to get.

a number of League representatives have proved in the past that self-responsibility is not far away, you are overwhelmed with the cost control, as soon as an above average player will be offered for sale. That self-responsibility would be just asking now, because some of the Clubs threatened by the consequences of the Corona of the loss of liquidity. Other can counteract the financial Minus with an impressive Plus of support and donors. Thus, the League threatens to short and will lose in the medium term, what has made them popular: competition and balance. Therefore, the National League needs an independent, regulatory Instrument: the Salary-Cap light.

The proposal with Salärobergrenze and luxury tax is not the total balance, not to worry – fortunately. But he can keep the biotope in the National League in the balance. Of course, many questions are open in terms of implementation. The answers must be found – now. The urgency is high as never before!

The apt quotation of the earlier Irish writer Bernard Shaw: “The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes each Time in the Mass when it hits me, while all the other create the old standards – in the opinion, they did not fit today.”

“The Swiss ice hockey is not an experimental laboratory.”

Simon Graf, Editor-in-sports

The project some of the National League Clubs, with a Salary-Cap light according to the North American model to reduce the gambling wages, and to ensure (even) more parity, is well-meant. But good is the opposite of well done is often meant. So here, too. There is no miracle cure, to force a sensible business management. Any System is only as good as those who run it. As well as the example of the NHL that is quickly a variety of legal loopholes. And then the whole effort is in vain.

to make The Swiss ice hockey to the laboratory for the European Clubsport is even dangerous. You can’t take a component of a completely different sports system in isolation. The NHL is a closed, centrally managed, and marketed professional League, the National League straight from your diversity. No Club works like the other, each seeks its own way, adapted to the local conditions.

the a to a gastro model, benefits another from a broad donor club, or a patron of the arts, others seek their fortune in foreign investors. All always driven to do better than the other. The Swiss ice hockey at the lives of these rivalries, such as next to the ice. To lump them together, would be a disincentive. Especially since the League was last in balance like never before – even without the “Financial Fair Play”. To speak of a planned economy, would be more appropriate.

in addition, to put behind the practical feasibility is a big question mark. If it were to withdraw a Club or a player, a legal spat would be guaranteed. And imagine, a Club has to win in the last rounds of the qualification, nothing more (or to lose) and not only juniors, as not to exceed the Salärlimite. Then we had the mess.

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