This is a Bang for the start of the year. The Union is critical of the Plan by the Federal Minister Olaf Scholz for the new property tax. What is Andreas Jung, after all, Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, lists of the criticism has it.

The model of Scholz going to burden same apartments unequal, because the rent is to be included in the calculation of the tax burden. As the age of the property will be another factor, fear of Jung is also a disadvantage of the new buildings, which could scare off potential investors.

any Such Worries are well-founded. In fact, Scholz’s concept is too complicated and unfair. Obviously, the social Democrat has not involved the coalition partners, he has prepared his model. Before the financial politicians Jung also Bavaria’s Finance Minister Albert Füracker had criticised the concept in principle.

the CDU and the CSU pull away to the Federal Minister of Finance the floor under the feet. The local authorities, to whom the money is owed from the property tax, must shuddering look in the abyss. The Federal constitutional court gave the legislator until the end of the year time. Slowly it will be tight.