The owners will have to pay their charges. Whether they are renting a house or an apartment, everyone will have to pay property tax, whether they are renting or not. Thus, property tax notices have already been available since August 29 for people who are not paid monthly and since September 19 for others.

There are several ways to pay this tax. In particular, it is possible to do this online.

To pay your property tax in this way, it is necessary, if it is the first time, to enter your tax notice as well as your bank references. Then, you have to go to the “pay my taxes” tab from the Impots.gouv website or application. Access can be done using the tax number and password or by flashing the code printed on the tax notice.

In addition to online payment, there are various means of payment available to pay your property tax, provided that the amount is less than 300 euros:

Discover in our slideshow the dates corresponding to each of these means of payment.