Professions hands-on: How do young people leave for education inspire


    Actually, everything was already cut and dried. Many applications will not had to get a specialist Neumann Delbrück Advertising in the vicinity of Paderborn for the new training year, to be three in number, to be exact. However, a candidate was promising, in a three-week internship he was hired.

    Britta Beeger

    editor in the economy.

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    just before training should start, he said, but then again. “Of course we were disappointed,” says Andrea Tepper, the assistant to the managing Director. On a cold winter’s day, it has therefore constructed on a training exhibition in an old secondary school in a small booth, to find a apprentice for a profession that hardly anyone knows, but has much to offer: the signage and light advertising manufacturer.

    as Andrea Tepper and your colleagues many companies in Germany, not only, but especially in the rural areas. Whether electrician, Baker, Mason, Florist, or chef: the number of trainees sought desperately.

    in The Wake of the universities

    the seriousness of the situation, shows the statistics of the Federal employment Agency. So, the number of reported training places this year for the first time since the reunification, higher than the number of applicants – a clear reversal of the trend. Recently, the German chambers of industry and Commerce also suggested Alarm: Every tenth training operation from industry and trade, 17 000 in total, today not a single application. The Suction at the high schools and universities is simply too large. The many years of decline in the number of pupils will do the Rest.

    thinking in politics and business associations, as again, more and more young people for dual vocational training can inspire you to be created in the vicinity of Delbrück concrete ideas and even implemented. Because the old school, on this day, hundreds of pupils about the draughty corridors of pushing, not only serves as a space for a training fair. It has become a right professions-world of experience.

    In the classrooms of the past, there is now a wood, electric, and a metal workshop, a roof, a greenhouse, a nursing station and a commercial office all come from local companies and with the materials, machines and tools that you need in your professional daily life actually.

    The idea: The students should find out for themselves what kind of activities you enjoy. “With flyers and a couple of pens, it attracts anyone anymore,” says Markus Kamann, who had the idea to all of this. “Since you have been a bit more creative.”

    Kamann must know what he is talking about, after all, he has made it clear at the beginning of the Millennium, the mission is to bring young people in training. But this time in reverse: back Then, there were in Germany more than four million unemployed, and tens of thousands of training places were missing. Urge the Federal government appealed to the companies to offer more placements.