The legislative proposals relating to the reform/abolishment of the favorable TAXES rates for artists, professional athletes also, and especially, the Pro League will not be affected. The association of professional clubs is concerned that the Belgian club football is serious blows it will endure, if the published proposals, be passed into law. “It would be the kiss of death for the Belgian professional football.”

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. Professional footballers are likely favourable SOCIAL rate of to lose.

if The momentum is there to judge a number of companies, the SOCIAL security benefit from the professional sportsmen and the way to work. Now we have a profsporter 885 euros a month in social security payments, even though he was a football player, with a annual salary of more than € 1 million. You can’t find in the world of politics.

in The world of football draws in advance with the emergency brake. In the Pro League, the Belgian association of sports clubs in italy, reacted in advance by means of an open letter. “The table’s underlying legislative proposals to the current social status for professional athletes to purchase, the debate on measures to support professional sports in this case football, is once again in focus”, what it sounds like. “The Pro League and therefore, in turn, some of the nuances of this debate. It is professional football, not to be deaf to any legitimate societal concerns, but the reforms of the Belgian league of the most expensive in Europe, with labour costs which are 35% higher than that of the second most expensive country, it will mean the kiss of death for the Belgian professional football.”

the Social regime, re

as is The Belgian professional clubs to realise that there is something that needs to be done. “The Pro League, said on several occasions that they are willing to do in the present social regime, and to re-examine, and that they are aware of the fact that the status quo today is that socially hard to be sustainable it is. Even though the bon-ton seems to be saying that there’s been no action from the football after the “Clean Hands”, these statements are also followed and confirmed by actions, and as a policy decision, in consultation with the social partners and the political system.”

as for The Pro League continues to insist on a consultation. “Over the past year, representatives of the Pro League during the various hearings in both the federal and the Flemish parliaments, the major investment demonstrated that the professional football clubs in their youth programs have been able to do it. This condition was included in the legislation, the tax system is used by professional clubs clearly being fulfilled. Without having to wait for action from the FIFA initiatives in other European leagues, the Board of Directors of the Pro League’s rules on players ‘ agents (which have been validated by the Belgian competition authority (Nca) is good. These rules and regulations, which grew out of the recommendations of the Expert Group, under the direction of the secretary of state, Melchior Wathelet, and will be there to make sure that the subject of abuses of the past no longer will be possible. This will ensure that transparency of transactions is guaranteed by the Clearing House, and that this season is being set up. There have been over the past year, constant contact over the case of the social regime of ministerial offices and the competent consultative bodies, in which the Pro-League will always be constructive and has been prepared in order to support the regime and to re-examine.”

well-Balanced solution:

The Belgian association of professional clubs is committed to a balanced solution. “Over the past few months, the management team of the Pro League and the trade unions sat down for a well-balanced solution, that is, as far as possible, complied with the request of all the parties involved,” said the Pro League. “In light of the current political situation, we are waiting for a new federal government to take concrete steps to put into this file. Top-level sport, for example, are internationally competitive sector of the economy. From the international concurrentieperspectief it is top-level sport, as well as other industries and professions in the Belgian domestic order, therefore, to go to be supported. A comparative study shows that, in each and every Eu member state, the forms of support measures for sport in existence. The unit labour costs in the Belgian football competition, with the current interventions, which will be situated on an average level. Without such aid, would be Belgium, with a significant margin, the most expensive competition for the topsportlonen, with labour costs which are 35% higher than that of the second most expensive country in Europe. It would be the kiss of death for the Belgian professional football. With this clear figures prompt the Pro League and therefore, caution is. Quick decisions can be the kiss of death of professional football and the passion of the millions of Belgian football.”

the prime Minister Weyts: “the First effect in a mapping”

the minister of Sports, Ben Weyts, it is not entirely happy with the federal plan, to the beneficial SOCIAL security rate on wages and salaries for professional athletes to deal with it. The N-VA minister, is a fit “subject of discussion”. “But not before the consequences of this for the sport and all the athletes in the map, by the well-paid, to the clean, paid for a football player, and all the many other teams and individual athletes. A person should also have their own interests to defend”, said Weyts, in response to the Match.

Weyts want to have the discussion out of the way and say that it is a modification of the regime, “discussion” should be. However, the N-VA minister in place immediately, however, a pack of notes. So, according to him, first of all, the consequences for the sport and its athletes a clear map of where and when. “The whole system has to discard on the basis of a cheap comparison to a job hotel and restaurant service really does dishonor to all of the elite athletes in Flanders, which is due to the system to be able to make ends meet. A lot of people today use the system to earn money, perhaps less than a job hotel and restaurant service,” said Weyts. “It’s not just about football, but also basketball, volley-ball, cycling, and hockey, and many of the individual players with a low wage. The elimination of the SOCIAL security reductions could also have an effect on the tewerkstellingscontracten of the top athletes in the Sport of Flanders.”

The N-VA minister, that is the question, from a European perspective needs to be looked at. “We will be able to the Eu’s position in our clubs is not completely down, it sounds like it is. In addition, the situation of the smaller clubs, according to him, it is not to be compared with the situation of the clubs. Weyts: “Nor can the economic context of the situation just continued to do more team sports, such as basketball, volleyball, or field hockey. In addition, there are several other sports that depend on tewerkstellingscontracten and financial support. So be happy and calm nuance, but the focus for many people who have a need to harvest a meager wage”.