the deputies issued If on Tuesday, once again in the jungle of the Brexits, you could hit a trail or even deeper in the thicket to get lost. Of the 14 applications received by President of Parliament, John Bercow, to employ two tempers. A, which was signed by the Tory MPs Graham Brady, want to have a way for Theresa may’s “Deal” can still be adopted with a majority government. The other motion that has been tabled, among others, of the Labour MPs Yvette Cooper, more reminiscent of a contingency plan, a Unger, a Brexit at the last Minute to apply.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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If one of the two applications will be accepted for a vote, decides Bercow alone. It is also possible that he allows for other, similarly-oriented applications, or that the drag signatories to your request shortly before the vote voluntarily, for example if it becomes clear that you would not get a majority. This happened two weeks ago, when for days about the possible consequences of the various applications was discussed, but in the end, only one vote was. The background of such often spontaneous decisions, the back-room diplomacy, mostly on a decision day, often associated with considerable pressure on the members is exercised.


Brady’s application seems to have a good chance at a majority. He combines a variety of attempts have been made in the past few weeks, and leaves at the same time, a certain amount of leeway. He is thought of mainly as a political Symbol. The request, to support the Brussels negotiated exit agreement provided that the “Backstop”rule will be replaced by “alternative arrangements to prevent a hard border” between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

most of The critics of the controversial catch-all solution for Northern Ireland will want to at least put a time limit or with a British right of Veto over the continuation or the duration of the mechanism. A large part of the conservative “Backstop”critics desire the complete deletion of the paragraphs.

Brady, of the rich, President of the influential, group internal “1922 Committee” to act with restraint, and almost of neutrality tends, is hoping that his request for a new dynamic. The European Union, he said on Monday, don’t hesitate even with the concessions, because they did not know what concessions the Deal, a majority in Westminster would receive. “If my application comes through, can you (May) go back to Brussels and say,’ you wanted to know what we get through the house? The here!‘“ Such a Position of the British government, not only believes Brady could resolve the rejection front, which has formed in Brussels against a renegotiation of the exit agreement.

On Monday, Boris Johnson, still one of the key figures in the Brexit camp, that Theresa may’s Deal “repaired” could be, if you reach in Brussels, elimination of the “Backstop”rule wrote. Other members, who had refused the middle of the month the agreement, signaled in the past few days, for this case, a consent in Parliament.