the Princess Elizabeth is celebrating on Friday, her eighteenth birthday with a celebration, where, among other things, the Royal ballet school of Antwerp-and the Netherlands-singer Blanche ” to occur. Where the advance is especially looking forward to this, was the speech given by the birthday boy himself.

the Princess Elizabeth was dressed in a design by Natan, Photo: ISOPIX

“at This particular moment in time, I will always remember”, she began. “ ( … ), Eighteen will be the transition to a more adult life. One time, when I’m standing still for all that I have been given all the opportunities for me are available. And, in the process, I feel only gratitude.”

in Front of her family, first of all, who have supported it: “Together, we form a strong team. I don’t think of my brother and sister, Gabriel, Emmanuel and Eléonore. Thank you, mom, for your availability and responsiveness. Thank you, father, for your confidence and trust. I know that I will always be on you, you will be able to count on.” Her teachers and thanked them, “Your knowledge and enthusiasm, and have my view of the world widened,” just as the time for their “lovely messages”.

Well, princess Elisabeth’s insistence in her speech, by the way, the climate: “I share your concerns for the future, and, in particular, to the climate, and the fact that we have unanimous answer on that. I think, in the future, because I see how strong my generation need to get involved.”

The future king of our country, concluded with these words: “I am aware that I have a lot of learning to do. There will be me for the next few years, take to: help make the world a better understanding and help him to make of himself the most. In the country, you can count on me.”

In her speech, and held king Philippe and queen Mathilde of belgium each other’s hands.

Photos: BELGA

as mentioned Before, king Philip and his daughter also has it and it was better than he would have.

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“my Dear Elizabeth”, said the king to his daughter. “Today you are eighteen, and we are very happy to make that important step in your life together with you, too. When I reached the age of eighteen, were two of the questions for me are busy: Who am I, really? And What can I do to my life? I know that the same questions are also for you to play, as well as your peers.”

“my Dear Elizabeth, your mother and I are so happy that you are our daughter, you are. We are proud to bring to you, the way you are in control of your life. Don’t be afraid to truly live, and the challenges of using both hands to deal with it. It’s been so many opportunities to make yourself and others better, learn from each other. You have so much charisma, so much ability.”

Curiously, for the king’s lauwerde in his speech to the youth, who have “a keen understanding of the social issues, climate change and environmental issues to which we have before them.”

He gave it afterwards to his daughter, the Grootlint of the order of leopold, and a purple satin ribbon, which has traditionally been one of the members of the royal family to be given: “This award is a part of our history,” said the king, about this one yet. “She is a symbol of the dignity of our nation and of our families. I am hoping that this will be seen as an encouragement and as a sign of trust.”

On the occasion of both princess Elisabeth and queen Mathilde of belgium, dressed in Natan, the Belgian fashion designer Edouard Vermeulen.

in Between the speeches were performances by, among others, the Royal ballet school of Antwerp, belgium.

wind Farm to the princess to be named.

as for The government, in the meantime, the new wind farm in the North sea at the princess, mentioned: “the Princess Elizabeth Windmolenzone”. That is, the federal cabinet on Friday has decided, on the occasion of the eighteenth birthday of our crown princess. Behind the gift is also symbolic of the future of our country.

It was a afscheidnemend prime minister, Charles Michel, who on Friday via twitter the decision of the government announced.

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