Pressure on Social Media, Migros was able to do nothing right’il finish it after a racism allegation, the retailer Dubler-“moor’s heads” takes from the assortment. What follows is an Outcry on Twitter. Why the critics on the net have increased, and as companies from the Shitstorm to find.Maren Meyer2 Kommentare2Nach a Tweet in the Twitter social network, the Migros takes the Dubler-“Blackies” out of the range. And reaps criticism.Photo: Gaëtan Bally (Keystone)

“love Migros, I ask you to take this product from the range immediately!?” a user writes on the social network Twitter. For the “Blackies” of the brand Dubler this Tweet means a few hours later, the two Migros stores. The retailer gives the decision a Shitstorm in social media.

The Tweet alone was not the reason for the decision to take the product out of the range, says Migros spokeswoman Cristina Maurer. He was a kick-off, to discuss the naming of the Dessert. “We asked ourselves, whether the Name fits the Migros. And we have come to the conclusion that he’s doing this.” At Migros, people worked from 150 Nations, the Name “moor’s head” don’t be more timely. Some Twitter users accusing the Migros, before the debate of falling: “Migros takes the “moor’s head” from the range and gives in to public pressure,” writes, for example, a user. “This has nothing to do with giving in to. We have used the occasion to say to us questioning”, however, Mason.

reactions from the social networks such as Twitter or Facebook not experienced the Migros for the first Time. After a sexism critique you changed last year, soup packaging, the stereotype with “Glamour Queens” for girls and “Champions” for the boys were labeled. Other companies also have to get the wrath of the Internet Community to feel: in 2010, Nestlé made in connection with the candy bar Kitkat unpopular. The reason: the bars contained palm oil is threatening the habitat of Orang-Utans. To the criticism of Greenpeace, the food giant responded to communicate quickly and clumsily, Instead of in the open, were censored comments and Videos blocked. The Shitstorm was perfect.

“We will not make the decision reversed, because we find it is the right thing to do.”

Cristina Maurer, Migros spokeswoman

the decision to take the Dubler-“blackies” from the range, fell in the Migros fast, because the cooperatives decide autonomously about their range. That not everyone would be with the decision, which was to be expected. “We assumed that there would be a discussion. But this would be so emotional, we didn’t expect,” says Mason. And although critical voices are mounting, Migros remains firm in their resolve: “We will not make the decision reversed, because we find it is the right thing to do.”

With this decision, the Migros positioned in terms of the Black-Lives-Matter protests and politically. “Migros-founder Gottlieb Duttweiler was his time to be very political, and its core values, Migros still dominate,” says Maurer.


in General, would want to a lot of companies out of political discussions, stay out of it. “But more and more customers are demanding that you take a Position,” says Barbara Swede. Your Agency, The Swede advises companies in questions around Social Media and Community Management. For three years she was also for the Migros operates.

to take With the decision, the “Blackies” from the assortment of the Migros politically and push a part of the customer. “If you ask, I won’t be shopping there, even though the company represents my opinion?” The risk for the Migros to lose customers, but low, says the Swede. Because the attention of the Social Media-would users of abating after a week. However, it is important to always argue fact-based, and to provoke and calmly wait on the sidelines until the User turn to the next topic. “The more excited the companies react, the worse,” says Swede.

Negative inter-actions to take

Why the critics are so loud, have a particular reason: anyone Who is against it, leave a comment. “Anyone who welcomes a decision, reports of rare word, many have no desire for a lengthy debate,” says the expert. Also raised in this product a social question. “The current discussion on racism reinforced the already existing uncertainty of broad population groups due to the Corona-crisis,” says Swede. So many companies felt that the negative interactions on the social platforms is on the increase at present. The fear of a Shitstorm had been at the company a few years ago, but bigger.

Aldo Gnocchi, Social Media expert and managing Director of the Gnocchi GmbH, talks to the “moor’s head”debacle is rather sober: “In this case, it would have been no matter how the Migros reacts, you could not do the Right thing.” The Dessert would have remained in the range, there would have been an Outcry. The bigger the Brand,” says Gnocchi, “the more he becomes the focus of the Public.”

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