President of the Council: in the event that, after the elections, not on stage


now a Green Member of parliament, President of the Council, and acknowledged that the section on “Bedgeheimen of George’s late-night” out of his comfort zone, but it still tells us about the origins of his political style, and the physical toll of the campaign and a tribute to Bart De Wever.

James Cooke, an orphan of the Council to ensure that he would sometimes have the accusation that they are bright or harsh. “I would not get in any other way engage in politics may do so. If you’re out there and you are feeling something, you’re angry, then people will know it as well,” said the Council. “That is persistent is part of the home. If I had it at school, I was asked by my father why I’m not a nine, it had. When I was nine, had asked ” why can’t I in ten did.”


“After the campaign, I was really broke. Then it was that I still have a 58, 59 kilos, or something like that.” The disappointment over lower-than-expected results were great. “I think that’s a really kutavond. Those results are coming in, but there’s a camera in your face. A terrible thing.” On the Monday after the elections, he would have cried. And it seems that the Council is to verspreken: “I was not on the stage. Are not aware of this, and I was not allowed to come with me.” And then repacked, he said “No, the president needs to speak out. I have not asked for it,” he says. “For that you have to be asked.”

Asked about one of the party chairs, he looks up to, said of the Council: “I think it is a punishment, what is The Truth and his party from a minor party, anything big is made. No, you can only have respect for you.” James aims it for the money. “When you’re Green, we bring a lot to the game. I will be about 3.600 euros to earn money. For my age, I have all of my living is earned.”

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