Presented the Trophy Count of Godó


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The 47th edition of the Trofeo Conde de Godó will meet, from Friday 17 July to Sunday 19 July, in the fields of regattas of the Royal Yacht Club of Barcelona to almost half a hundred boats and 300 sailors in the proof dean of the sailing Spanish competition.

This edition is open to the sailing classes of cruise ORC and the monotype J70 (of 6.93 meters). And it is confirmed the presence of the Swan 45 ‘Rats on Fire’ by Rafael Carbonell (CB Arenys), which last year achieved its tenth title, seventh consecutive, on the class ORC 0-1.

The ‘Rats on Fire’ can match this year’s record of victories in the cruiser division, which holds, by eleven, the ‘Rascal’ of owner Jose Cusi, skippered by the King Juan Carlos I, in force since 1997.

His great opponent will be the DK46 ‘Hydra’ (CN The Balís) Oscar Chaves. Last year, under the sponsorship of Estrella Damm, won in Palma the Copa del Rey MAPFRE in early August, revalidando the title of 2018. In the Godó was second and seeking revenge.

Also racing the Synergy 40 ‘Square Assesors’ owner Alexandre Square (RCN Barcelona), winner in the ORC-2 in the last two editions, and the Salona37 ‘Vertigo Two’ Antoni Guasch (RCN Barcelona), in the ORC 3-4 , that he will fight for his fifth victory, which would be the third consecutive year, in the Godó.

Marc Antonio, after having recorded four times (2014,2017, 2018 and 2019) your name in the winners of the J80, in this edition will compete in the division J70 with the ‘ESP1279’ where you have two rivals to the highest level in the ‘News’ (RCM Santander/RCN Barcelona) at the helm of the world champion José María Crooked and the ‘Mercedes Benz Sailing Team’ (RCNB/RCNGC) Ricardo Terrades with the olympic Luis Martínez Doreste as a pattern.

The sailors have had to sign a sheet of responsibility in which they undertake to abide by all the rules and instructions, especially the distance interindividual, and to observe the rules of hygiene, especially frequent hand washing, and assuming personal and individually all the consequences and responsibilities do not meet these standards.

The race in barcelona has scheduled three days of testing, from Friday, 17th to Sunday, day 19, with a maximum of seven sleeves planned for the class ORC and ten for the monotype J70.