Presented the Trophy Conde de Gondomar


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The Monte Real Club de Yates presented this Tuesday at a press conference a new edition of its competition with more solera, the Conde of Gondomar, which in this 2020 marks the 45th anniversary to be celebrated continuously.

“Few competitions have been able to meet 45 years of celebration to do so, also, continuously, and keeping the essence with which they were created. This year, these two aspects are, if anything, a greater importance for the situation in which we live, which has complicated the development of numerous sports competitions. But from the Monte Real, aware of the importance of continuing to bet for life and sport, we’ve made a great effort to ensure that the Conde of Gondomar, could take place” – José Luis Álvarez, president of the Monte Real Club de Yates

The 45 ° Conde de Gondomar will take place over four days, coinciding, as has become tradition, with the days surrounding the 25th of July, Big Day of Galicia. On Thursday 23 will be the day of preparations, with the close of registration and the delivery of instructions to the participants. There will also be a skippers meeting at the Mount Royal at eight in the evening.

The competition will begin on the Friday 24 with the Regatta Conde de Gondomar, the most exciting of the trophy by his long-distance, nearly 100 miles of travel. At eleven in the morning, the yachts will head, from the bay of Bayonne, Carrumeiro Guy, in the estuary of Corcubión, which must turn before you initiate the return.

you will Be numerous hours of browsing passing by a great part of the galician coast, a route in which the crews will be able to choose a path internal, nearest to the coast; or external, for outside of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands.

on Saturday 25 there will be held a Regatta Erizana, with a shorter distance, which will be attended by the yachts not competing in the day’s initial. To them the race committee will prepare a tour that will take in the archipelago of the Ons as the protagonist, with the sailboats veering the lighthouse Camouco before we return back to Baiona.

on Sunday, 26 will be played the last few tests, more technical, for the whole of the fleet. In the anchorage of the islands of Cies are scheduled, starting at noon, several tours windward leeward between buoys, a few sleeves that will decide the winners of the 45th Earl of Gondomar.

Bayonne – Carrumeiro Guy, the biggest challenge

The mythical journey from Bayonne to the Carrumeiro Guy, in Corcubión, about 100 miles away, will be the race star of the competition and the biggest challenge for the participants. This is a test of long-distance most important in Spain and a great challenge for sailors, who not only must cope with the sea conditions but also to the effort involved to bargain for so many hours.

In the previous edition some of the boats took longer than 24 hours to complete the trip. The last winner of the climb to the Carrumeiro Guy, in 2019, was the Yess Too, the owner and pattern Portuguese Rui Ramada, after 17 hours and 36 minutes of navigation.

In the absence of several days to close the registration and know the complete list of crews that will fight for a new victory in the Conde de Gondomar, two of the boats that have already announced their participation in the trophy are the Heave and the Oils April.

The sailing ships armed by José Luis Freire and Pérez brothers Channel are two of the historical participants in the competition, which many years have been coming from and in which you have managed to write several times their names on the honor roll.

The Heave is the boat that has added a greater number of victories in the entire history of the Count of Gondomar. Has achieved a total of 6, three of them in the decade of the eighties (1983, 1984, 1988) and three others in the first years of the new millennium (2003, 2007 and 2009).

The Oils April follows his trail with 4 wins, the same who managed the Ardora of Peace Andrade and the Castrosúa led by Willy Alonso. The boat of Luis and Jorge Canal has been the undisputed protagonist of the last few years, taking the grand prize in 2013, and chaining three golds in a row in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In the last edition, in 2019, stood at the gates to achieve the fourth straight victory because the Yess Too snatched the win.