Gold has been heard in the last year of the more disappointing investments. Although investors remained in a loss of saves, but in the balance of the year, an increase of only 3 percent. Since August, the precious metal had become more expensive. On Friday, the Troy ounce (31.1 grams) of cost in the futures trading for the first time since June 2018, more than 1300 dollars. In the spot market, the Spot price for Gold remained just below these round brand.

Kerstin Papon

editor in the economy.

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“The price turbulence in the equity markets made the precious metal more attractive for investors,” says Steffen Orben, managing Director of Deutsche Börse Commodities, the Issuer of Xetra-Gold. This is also reflected in the latest Figures, for gold exchange-traded owner of low stock bond. Because Xetra-Gold is with physical Gold deposited securities. The stock increases if investors in Xetra-Gold-buy shares on the stock exchange. For every share, exactly, one gram of deposited Gold.

the end of The year camped in the Central vault for deutsche securities in Frankfurt 181,47 tons of Gold. 7 tons more than a year ago, and according to the German stock exchange, a new peak at this time. The managed assets of Xetra-Gold is currently at 6.6 billion euros. A record value of stored Gold was at 19. June of last year with 183,5 tons has been achieved, is it by the German stock exchange. In October, however, the stock had fallen intermittently up to 177.2 tons.

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Gold will increasingly be seen as a separate asset class, says Orben. This is true for asset managers, Family Offices and private investors. A value paper, such as Xetra-Gold is just from the point of view of institutional investors is interesting, as these are not likely to invest directly in physical Gold. In the past year, the largest single sale was of 2.5 tonnes of Gold, says a spokesman for the German stock exchange. This corresponds to the current prices, the equivalent of about 91 million euros. The largest transaction in total took place two years ago with 5.5 tons of Gold.