Poverty in the UK – A young football star lands a hit against Boris Johnson, The English national players Marcus Rashford has brought the government to continue to eat issue vouchers for needy children. Peter Nonnenmacher from London1 Kommentar1Für even with a success on and off the football field: The English football players Marcus Rashford. Photo: Reuters

With “party politics” have to do use anything. It was simply “a question of humanity,” said Marcus Rashford. But the appeal of the Manchester United footballer and English international striker taught at the UK’s government party, was in his humanity as a high explosive. Rashford challenged in fact, Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He was up against the recent decision, during the coming summer holiday vouchers no more food for English school children to exhibit.

This government decision had been triggered in the last days of unrest. But first, an open letter to the celebrity footballer of the leaders in the country made the case a hot topic. On Tuesday morning, the entire British press Rashfords appeal to handle. The Labour Opposition was to organize for the same day for a lower house debate on this question. Tory MPs were faced with the question of whether you want to for that English children go hungry, as long as the school gates remain closed and there are for the Poorest, no free school Lunches.

Over a Million children on free food

In fact, had spent the government in the last twelve weeks of free vouchers for needy children, with which parents could buy in certain shops for additional food. At the equivalent of around 18 Swiss francs per child and per week have been approved. 1.3 million children from the lowest-income families usually get to eat for Free in the English all-day school operation.

From the beginning of the summer holidays, but wanted the government to set the food vouchers. Ongoing subsidies for the municipalities, it was said in the Ministry of education, ranged from full. Against this decision Rashford was ran storm. Not the usual party squabbles in Westminster, it should go here, he found: “Can’t we all agree that no child should go hungry to bed?”

That poor families in England had no money to supply enough, had been before the crisis, a huge Problem, said Rashford. This Situation could be “worse” if the state Covid-would set up relief operations in the near future. In the last few months, “we could have Wembley stadium twice to fill with children who had to forego meals because their families could not provide in Lockdown for enough to eat”. He wondered if these kids were “with their growling stomachs” of the pride enough in your country to get a national Jersey, slap on a prophylactic, or the national anthem to belt out.

He knows what it means to be hungry would be

“ten years Ago, I can even be one of these kids,” said the 22-year-old footballer, who grew up in a poor family in Manchester. His mother, who worked full time for minimum wage, have done everything they could to make their five children each evening a hot meal on the table. “But even that was not enough. As a family we had to rely on Breakfast clubs, free school meals and charity to neighbors and coaches. Soup kitchens and urban food expenditures were to us.”

Rashford has not forgotten those years. The Prime Minister, he asked, “do the Right thing”. In the course of the Tuesday, his appeal was effective. A number of Tory members of Parliament, as the Chairman of the education Committee in the house of Commons, Robert Halfon, found that it would undoubtedly be “the Right thing”, the food vouchers for more to spend.

And when it was clear that the government would suffer in the for the evening’s planned parliamentary vote, and a bad defeat, accepted Boris Johnson, that the hit was sitting in the network. All of a sudden the Premier found 140 million Swiss francs extra to the voucher issue to ensure for the duration of the summer holidays. This was also “England 2020,” said Marcus Rashford. “We can achieve when we stand together.”

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