French roads are not always perfectly maintained. When you are driving your car, it is possible that you drive on a deformation of the road, also called “pothole”. Be very careful, this can very seriously damage your vehicle.

In this case, “the motorist affected can then engage the responsibility of the road manager to potentially obtain compensation”, reports Auto Plus.

To do this, you must succeed in proving at least two major facts, reports the specialized site:

Also remember to file a claim immediately after the accident. Indeed, you have a period of 6 months after the facts to bring an action.

Once you’ve noticed the damage to your vehicle and filed a claim with the town hall, there’s only one thing left to do: be patient.

When the procedure is initiated, the town hall has the right to validate or refuse your claim for compensation.

If you cannot reach an amicable agreement, you can start legal proceedings against the municipality concerned. “To win, it will necessarily be necessary to prove that there has been a specific case of negligence on the part of the municipality”, warns the Auto Plus site.

For its part, the municipality will have to “demonstrate that the defect was not sufficiently significant, that the danger was signaled, that you committed a fault, or that the defect results from force majeure”, specifies Le comparateur