At the residence of the former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, according to media a suspicious package reports have been found that apparently contains an explosive device. A short time later it became known that the Secret Service have discovered a further, possibly explosive package that was addressed to Ex-US President Barack Obama.

The two packages had been this Tuesday and Wednesday from officials of the Secret Service “intercepted” before they have reached their addressees, according to the Department.

Both packages are in Routine Checks, as a possible explosive devices noticed immediately and, as such, has been treated. They had been detected prior to delivery to Clinton and Obama. The two have not received the packages, they had not been in danger. The shipments are now examined in detail.

Barack Obama

The Clintons item addressed was the Similarities with the letter bomb had been found on Monday in the US residence of billionaire and Benefactor George Soros.

An employee had discovered the explosive device in the mailbox of Soros’ estate in Bedford, North of New York. Soros had supported in the presidential election campaign in 2016 against Donald Trump loser Hillary Clinton. The incumbent US President was informed about the two suspicious parcels, according to the White house.