Portrait of Piet Alder – He brought in Bands from L. A. to GonzoMit income as a professional pilot, the choice is financed from Zurich, the melodic retro-rock of his record label Taxi Gauche – and he bakes cakes.Thomas Wyss0 KommentareDie glasses gives it away: Piet Alder is not only a music producer but also a Pilot.Image: Anna-Tia Buss

As the Writer is asked whether he would like to portray the owner of the music labels Taxi Gauche, the main occupation was as a Pilot, he said Clearly, not only: “!”, he secretly wish for the True realization of the clichés, does he have the (admittedly a bit kinky) hope that this Piet Alder a dapper, super cool, Tom-Cruise-blend with Porsche glasses is the agreed meeting place is delightfully campy with “Hey man, what’s will present up?”.

in fact, a man is standing in front of the Bar Si o No, would have to go through the Size as a basketball player, an idiosyncratic Sixties Look with the right type of eye glass that the is especially of extraordinary courtesy and restraint. So you think with irritation: “The heroes of the skies are seemingly not what they once were.”

Beatles and Cypress Hill

This is of course nonsense. And for this Story especially is not of concern, because it is supposed to go in the conversation, the music, the Bands and the Label Taxi Gauche. We’ll talk later, nevertheless, over the fly, is due to the fact that the choice of Zurich is somehow connected everything together (this is true even for baking a cake!). But now, one after the other. So we bounce for the First quickly in the Appenzell village of Hundwil.

Where Alder grows up with seven brothers and sisters, and as “Son of a Preacher Man”, to say it musically. This means: Calvinism and Church songs free refills. To the teacher with the class a Beatles piece takes. “That was my awakening,” says the 35-Year-old. “I began to question, to discover the world beyond conservative conventions.” He immersed more and more in the St. Galler subculture, where he understands for the first time as “part of a group”. Since the parents denied the long hair, he shaves in Protest, a bald head and goes to the first concert of his life – it is the funny verpeilte Show the Hip-Hop outfit Cypress Hill.

“I have never rebelled in the Rebellierens paths, this liberation was, for me, an existential Need.”

Piet Alder

“What is drugs?”, want the Journalist to know: “Soft, hard, from time to time, or pathological?” Alder takes a SIP of Gazosa and says: “It has never interested me. By the way, I rebelled never the Rebellierens paths, this liberation was, for me, an existential Need.”

the greater the sheer curiosity of life, including culture. Like the sponge under the faucet, dried it soaks up impressions and Knowledge, the musical socialization leads him in the direction of Indie, New Wave and hypnotic Rock. What, in turn, kindles the interest in Manchester, where he brings for the planned teacher training in English in the Form.

Los Angeles is the Mecca

one day, a buddy says to him during a flight: “the Pilot is a cool Job.” Alder thinks about the training at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Luzern, where he spends his early Twentysomething existence, and is a candidate for the training to be a flight captain. He takes hurdle to hurdle with flying colors, at the age of 24, he is the Co-Pilot for short-haul routes, four flights per day. Because he has learned on the Airbus, he flies this machine type, later on, in the case of long missions, which lead him eventually to Los Angeles route. “This city, I can’t say otherwise, then become my musical Mecca,” said Alder.

For long-haul flights pilots will have two days of “Overstay”, as it is called in the Jargon. This time the music freak spends not in the Hotel, or Shopping, but at concerts in the neighborhoods of Echo Park and Silver Lake. There he meets kindred spirits: introverted Shoegazer, melancholy surf guitar, Bands, the captivating psychedelic Wall of Sounds winding up and down travel. It is a re-bloom of the sensual Sixties, Look and Style, including: star designer and Rockfan Hedi Slimane, has become popular through his work for the house of Yves Saint Laurent, is a kind of curator of the music scene of L. A. and Alders fashionable Inspiration (“sometimes quite to the money,” he emphasizes, laughing).

The dream of owning a Label

but There are, in particular, the attitude of these people and their “Do it yourself”Credo, as formerly in the Punk that inspire him: Who’s up for a Bock, starts a Band, starting a Label, a Festival on the legs. Positive energy, joy of life, a With – instead of Against each other.

Over the years, Piet Alder is even part of this scene, but has also built up the best contacts to local operators; with Froth and Corners, he is not the first L. A. Bands to Gonzo to Zurich. And so he dares, in July of 2018, the dream of their own Label. He calls it a Taxi, Gauche (“it has to do with a former love to”) and by the end of the year a LP and a Single. Today, 22 months later, he has already published twelve Acts from Switzerland, and the United States under contract, and nine albums, three Singles and an EP – all “strictly Vinyl”, in editions of 200 to 600 pieces. And he wants to continue to grow, with Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus out of Basel the next Formation on Alders Radar is already, “it would be great if you would make the new plate on the Taxi Gauche,” says the label boss.

Cheesecakes for the promo cash

Voilà, now this thing with the cake. So, that Alder bakes very fond of. And its products are some of Zurich with immense popularity. So no more of the “flown-in” income for the musical sound of his Bands is about to die, he tries to boost the PR and
marketing budget through the sale of banana breads, Cheesecakes, etc. “During the Corona-induced short-time work, this has worked out quite well.” Tell, laughs, takes the last SIP of Gazosa and adopted as charming as he came.

Next Releases: Kyle Avallone, LP “Last Minute Man” (5.6.) / Annie Taylor, LP “Sweet Mortality” (4.9.)

Taxi Gauche Records www.taxigauche.com
Ankerstr. 23, 8004 Zürich

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