Pop-Briefing – there will be concerts from zeppelins?Why is the Federal veterinary office at once for the culture to be responsible? What happens when the music industry is searching for Alternatives to the Streaming? And why Sophie Hunger is so happy?Ane Hebeisen0 KommentareSie clear in the section on “rhyme of the week”: The singer Arlo Parks. Photo: PD

must hear

The Song of the hour clearly stems from Georgia Anne Muldrow. While in the USA the social powder keg of lethal police officers as definitively to Explode is been brought meditate the singer in your song “This Walk” on the idea that violence can be a voice to both erase as well as ignite. The American singer has already released 13 albums in the broad field of experimental soul music, was once nominated for a Grammy and has collaborated with Erykah Badu. However, in recent years she seems to have a true artistic growth spurt to put down. Your latest litter is published under the Alias Jyoti, the Album is scheduled on end of August.

move While other record companies of their publications, full of the urge of the Geneva Label Bongo Joe just did. The newest Tonwerk comes from the Belgian-Haitian project Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers and offers art, full of reverb-y polyrhythms, Afro-Caribbean chants and synthesizers from a slightly dusty instruments Park. Something from the most Enjoyable, what has emerged lately, in the course of inter-continental music exchange.

With his Bucovina Club Orkestar Shantel has strained worldwide, and over the years the hocks of the Balkans-savvy party people. And nowhere was he so successful as in Turkey, where he was even knighted with two platinum albums. The cried out for a musical thank-you. This is now in the Form of an album that has bosselt, the German with the Turkish Band Cümbüs Cemaat together a veteran cover band that had previously released an Album. The result of the taste dangles between Dub and Anatolian pop music. Since the Turkish Clubs are currently closed, it is of less weight, that the frenetic exuberance was dimmed earlier days is significantly down.

talked About

must have it as an unfavorable sign if the work of the last press conferences of the Federal Council issues the culture came to the language, it was silent for a short while in the media center. Everyone looked perplexed, it was embarrassed smiled, and it was a bad Moment too long, until someone is competent to get the word out.

And on Wednesday, the 27. May the glad tidings should be preached, that, parties, and concerts can be approved for up to 300 people that generated it is not euphoria, but a total confusion. The distance rule is, furthermore, was organized, where this is not possible, must be set to the Contact-Tracing. At the same time an instruction circulated had to be ensured that in Clubs, a distance of four square metres per visitor, which was then denied again, only to be immediately once again to the distance-to-stop duty.

Inquiries to the Federal office of public health at the Federal office for culture is headed. There was amazed and pointed out that it was not involved in this decision at all. Back to the BAG, you were amazed that you’d been to the BAK astonished – at the end, reference was made to the Federal food safety and veterinary office (fsvo), where it quickly became clear that the relevant figures had already been there a little longer not a Club or party, locally and more. The result is known. No club operator knows what he 6. To do in June, including in the framework of the M4Music, held a panel discussion revealed.

What to do? It is high time that the conversation with the associations again sought, and that the BLV will be discharge from the mandate to decide on the immediate future of the event industry. Without the involvement of BAK, and the Pro Helvetia, the Disaster is inevitable.

After all: To grade, but also tend to be less compatible ideas on the part of the organizer there is no lack, apparently. On the Panel was initially declared the Streaming of concerts for the dead. This was outlined in a approach of innovation delusional the Vision, you could organize concerts in hot-air balloons or zeppelins. So under the old Kuno Lauener-Motto: “Lue, wohär that dr Wind wääit”.

The Swiss window

Pierre Omer was one of the co-founder of the evil pregnant dead graves the chapel of The Dead Brothers. According to some defeatist solo albums and a trip to the Swing Milieu, he now presents the twelve musicians and singers, strings, Banjos, slide guitars and elaborate songs bombastic Album “Time Files”.

his penchant for nostalgia and for the black painting has Remained. Through his songs, the melancholy of a man who has somehow fallen between the time and the scenes is blowing. As explained to us, the Geneva, once so beautiful his work: “I belong to a Generation that is always rammed on the Golden age is over-lubricated, a Generation which looks rather back. Us what happened two weeks ago, like, in General, better than what happened today. Presumably, this therefore occurs because the dark dusty atmosphere of my music.”

The Geneva Label Bongo Joe is dedicated not only Haitian electronic music, it is also an up and coming Swiss Band in the quiver, especially around sit up and take notice: The new EP by the group L’Eclair means “Noshtta”, sounds like the fruit of extensive jam sessions with a very Groove – and Vintage-lovers Combo.

bloom What?

Also appears in a very productive Phase, to put our Swiss precious music export Sophie Hunger. 28. August should already appear on a new Album. It is called “hallucinations” and should be completely live been recorded. As the site of the recording session, the time-honored Abbey Road are given Studios.

not so properly in ecstasy, the harbingers of the plant have enabled us, however. The song “Everything Is Good” is the attempt to produce a cheerful, positive and cheerful piece of music available. Sophie Hunger does not occur in order but not more than the proof that in this Supreme discipline of the Pop, the risk is insignificant to tilt into the trivial and Shallow.

The piece

The American “Rolling Stone” has once again set a ranking list in the world that may not RUB well with the music chroniclers eagerly. Were awarded the “100 best debut Singles of all time”.

A pretty work is a lot of nice reunion with historic Bands are possible here – all the more disappointing is the title, is ultimately on the rank 1 placed. It is – drum roll – Britney Spears’ “… Baby One More Time”. We had these replaced with space 15. Here are the incorrigible B-52’s maneuvering with their first Monster Hit, “Rock Lobster”. Even today, a real pleasure.

The soundtrack

The musical Events of the latest Tracks wagging merrily between Betörungs-Soul (Moses Sumney), gambischem Hip-Hop (Pa Salieu), Ska-Jazz (Ernest Ranglin), Afro-Jazz (Idris Ackamoor), and hard-to-blood-Folk (Ten Fe). There is again the singer Hindi Zahra will hear, with archives and the Dutch New Cool Collective has released his brilliant recordings with the late drummer Tony Allen again. And the beautiful rhyme of the week Arlo Parks: “I’d lick the grief right off your lips / You do your eyes like Robert Smith provides us with”.

And here is the constantly updated “Chill Soul”Playlist with more than 50 hours of soulful music from around the world.

Every Tuesday to write our music editors in this new column about pop music. And with a Spotify Playlist price, what are the Songs you listen to.

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