the ‘Temptation Island ” temptress Pommeline Tillière a not so subtle message to her ex-fiance Fabrizio Tzinaridis, which is also known as a seducer of the Five programs. The man has been warned that it is best to not be in its path, it will come out.”

On Sunday, the blonde is an eye-catching picture, with its half a million followers. Then takes them to a pink clothes wallpaper in Calvin Klein briefs and a cropped top with a clear message to her ex. “I have to tell you, the best wish for you, but you’ve been had”, is going to read it.

In the text emphasizes, however, that the quote is actually, for Fabrizio is meant to be, by him, at least I think. “I’m Sorry, but not sorry, yet, to read, in addition to a series of emoticons. The 26-year-old man has, on it’s image to respond to it. “Auwtch, touché”, is to be read in the first comment. In a second, it extends the digital middle finger.

What it is: the Ghent Pommeline popped up in the beginning of 2017 on Temptation Island. This was the reason for a rift between the couple, Jonathan and Lisa. At the end of the program, she began a love affair with a man. A season later, we meet with the tempter Fabrizio, his arrows are directed in the Netherlands Was.

The fate of the many ‘Desire’parties, brought leaders Pommeline, and Fabrizio, who by the way come together in a tattoozaak to work on amoureus together. It came out in October of 2018, even a proposal of marriage from it. A new concept of ‘Temptation Island VIPS’ on their wedding plans. He was going to go with a good girl for Julia, so the engagement was broken.

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