“Polonaise Blankenese” – Werner Böhm alias Gottlieb wryneck is totDer German singer three days before his 79. Birthday died. With his pop-catchy songs, he has reached an audience of millions.Extremely popular among friends of the Schlager and folk music: Werner Böhm.(Keystone/Jens Kalaene/16. March 2013)

The “Gottlieb wryneck” well-known singer Werner Böhm (“Polonaise Blankenese”) is dead. The Management of the German press Agency confirmed, citing his wife, Susanne Böhm. “Image” is quoted with the words: “Werner is asleep on Gran Canaria peacefully. I am very sad.”

According to the “picture”information, he died in the night to Tuesday in his Apartment in Gran Canaria – just three days before his 79. Birthday. There he was drawn, according to the “image” at the beginning of the year, from Hamburg, Germany.

The Polonaise and the plaid sport coat were his distinctive trademark. Under the artist name Gottlieb wryneck Bohemian to an audience of millions was known. His biggest Hit, the trained decorator landed at the beginning of the 80s with the hit “Polonaise Blankenese”, in the “the holes out of the cheese fly”.

appearances in the jungle camp

in the RTL jungle camp was the Bohemian’s guest – last updated in the year 2015 in the summer issue of the “I’m a celebrity – Let me back in!”. At that time, candidates were Let earlier in the regular jungle show “I’m a celebrity me out of here!” had participated. In this Show, the Bohemian had gone through the same in the first season in 2004.

Böhm was married from 1981 to 1989 with singer Mary Roos. In 1995, he married Susanne Böhm. In the meantime, the two are separated according to the “image”. His girlfriend, Helga found him on Tuesday in his Apartment on Gran Canaria with my eyes closed lying on the bed, said “image”.