The French are lucky: the country has a particularly dense coastline, exposed to an ocean, and three seas, in addition to many lakes and streams! With the arrival of fine weather, many people intend to take advantage of it, and on vacation, the beach remains an activity of choice for many.

However, even in these moments of relaxation, however, we must remain vigilant. The beaches are not without danger. Drownings, accidents, poisonous animals, violent currents and waves… Caution is still required wherever you are.

There are also certain areas to avoid at all costs. Either because they are too dangerous, or because they are too… contaminated. In some places, swallowing seawater could make you seriously ill.

In this sense, the Ministry of Health carries out water quality checks every year in the many bathing points in France.

In 21 of them, the water was deemed too polluted in 2022. Discover these beaches in our slideshow.

Fortunately, most bathing areas in France are safe. In a 2018 report, the European Environment Agency assured that in 78% of the beaches, the water quality was even “excellent”.

On the beaches of France, it is unfortunately not only the water that can be polluted. The sand often bears the brunt of the lack of delicacy of some vacationers, or it can be fragmented with various toxic waste.

In this sense, the Ministry of Health has issued the following recommendations: