Since 2013, the criminals publisher brings out an edition of the author, and documentary filmmaker, Christian Geissler, who died in 2008. Among the previously published volumes of the novels “The bread with the nail file” and “Is the time that we live among others”. As the third and final volume of a trilogy now in the context of this issue again in the novel, “kamalatta put down” read, which is sometimes referred to as at&. This classification is somewhat misleading, as the aforementioned novels would have been something like preliminaries. But the fact is, Geissler conducts a large part of his staff through all three books, in which the attempt is made, for example, (German) history of the thirties through the sixties and into the seventies, and to write about it.

appeared As “kamalatta” in 1988, first in the red book, hadererte the author and his publisher, had spoken in the preview, the book is told from the attack a “terrorist group”. In the blurb, this name no longer appeared. The dispute is around the correct terminology is of course not isolated, but was embedded in the dispute about the “Baader-Meinhof group” or rather “Baader-Meinhof-gang” contra to be their self-designation as the “Red army faction” (RAF) and the resulting claim of the Detainees, political prisoners and not simple Criminals. Oliver Tolmein presents this argument in his afterword to the new edition in detail.

At & novel or two of his self-chosen genre label, “romantic Fragment” is, of course, not a book “about the RAF”, not a key novel. It is a multi-first perspective story about parts and fractions of the West German Left in the seventies, which is very much consistent. About thirty are likely to be taken here again and again, the word, and often so abruptly replace each other, that one must make clear who is speaking now. In contrast, Uwe Johnson’s “speculations about Jakob toys” with your small number of, soon, easy-to-identify speakers in a chamber.

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This polyphony is not random. Your goal of the majority of the protagonists and even by the author himself, the longed-for “We” not supposed to “dissolve me” maybe, but record is. The Central strand of the plot (in addition to others in which it goes about disintegrating families, a erblindendes child, a visit to the GDR and subversive shipyard workers) is simply told: A group that had used certainly used the term “urban guerrilla”, is planning a stop at a working meeting of the international “anti-terrorism experts”, to be held under the auspices of the Pentagon in a former SS-Junker school in Bad Tölz. Such an action requires thorough preparation, which can only be achieved in cooperation of many actors.

Back to the feeling of failure

it remains, Therefore, kamalatta has to have “” not the protagonists, but a variety of actors, whose actions and votes of equal weight. Also Proff, whose real name is Rupert cook, cameraman for the television and, to a certain degree the alter Ego of the author, not the Protagonist. Although the book with the sentence “Proff has never been found”, but in no way is told on the following 570 pages of the romantic Fragment Proffs history. Rather, this is a camera man, the access to the Bad tölz conference and the link to the guerrillas, but between all the stools and not in the “We” is taken up, a further figure of the quiet, intellectual, self-hatred, which has moved the highly educated author Christian Geissler, apparently, and was already in the guise of the teacher, and poet Christian Pietsch in “Is the time that we live in” is visible.

The attack succeeds, in the end, the Details will be communicated in an “Inferno” – titled section at the end of the novel. Nevertheless, the book reads just on the last pages, such as the comprehensive report of a defeat, reinforced by the fact that on the last pages of the suicide of an old woman (Proffs mother) also is reported, as the secret burial of Pauli, an activist who was injured in a Bank robbery dangerous to life and maintained in the course of the novel to death. The last two words “good read”, but gives the reader the feeling of failure remains. This contradiction is go to the ground.