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The police immediately after warned Saturday at a fraudulent action is on Facebook. The scammers claim to be the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT’s can beat it, but really, they are trying to your personal data come in.

According to the local horse police in the same week, more than 25,000 of the Belgian facebook users become a victim of a scam. “We encourage everyone to move his or her passwords to match as well as all transactions of a credit card to check it out. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is not true”, this is it.

the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will go on sale from 93.300 of the euro.

According to The Vijt, is one of the first in order to be on Facebook, you can easily find out that it was a fraud and went. “The last winner was from Greece? Just look up… Wow. there is no one He Skopas is on Facebook. Funny though, because he took part in a Facebook contest, as Well as the page of the Freebie Central, known as the company behind the campaign, it appears as though you’ve created, and not one single post or article. No description of their activities and some of the previous match can be found. ”

And then, in the car, “and That is just to buy local, American-style parking garage. Why would the Dutch page and then giving it away for free? Freebie the center of that photo is simply stolen, as well as for their own marketing is used.