Death of the African-American George Floyd – The anger breaks BahnNach the deadly police operation in Minneapolis are calling for thousands of protesters, a charge against the responsible police officers. Unlike in previous cases, there had to be justice.Alan Cassidy from Washington1 Kommentar1Menschen in Minneapolis to demonstrate against the police operation that led to the death of the African-American George Floyd. The second night it came to looting, arson and clashes with police. Keystone/(David Joles/Star Tribune via AP

again, this is a sentence. The protesters are chanting it in the streets of Minneapolis and in other cities, they write it on posters and share it as a Hashtag, you have to understand him literally and figuratively: “I can’t breathe.”

It is the sentence of the Afro-American George Floyd ausstiess, while a white COP squeezed the knee in the back of the Neck and took the air. It is the phrase that six years ago, the African-American Eric Garner had been poking before he choked to death in the chokehold of a police officer. It is the phrase that describes the powerlessness of many African-Americans in the face of the dramas are being repeated everywhere in the United States.

Plundered shops, burning houses

George Floyd died on Monday evening in a hospital in Minneapolis. Since then, the city has experienced in the Northern state of Minnesota protests, although due to the pandemic a ban for larger groups.

on Tuesday evening, had to pay gathered thousands of people in the vicinity of the food business, the 46-Year-old man apparently had been trying, with a fake 20-Dollar Note, which led to his arrest. In front of the store, a passer-by had taken millions of times viewed Video that shows the brutal police action against Floyd. Later, the protesters moved to guard in front of a police.

This is the first night of protests was peaceful, but the police was already there, in isolated cases, tear gas and rubber bullets. In the second night from Wednesday to Thursday – tipped the mood. It came to clashes with the police and a number of arrests. Rioters were in various parts of the building on fire and looted shops. According to local media, a man was attempting to loot a shop, the owner shot.

the mayor of The city, Jacob Frey, was targeted shortly before midnight with an appeal to the population: “please, Please, Minneapolis,” he said, “we cannot allow a tragedy leads to more tragedy.”

“Why, the man who killed George Floyd is not in prison?”

Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis,

before Frey had taken his own lack of understanding about Floyd’s death in words. In a TV Interview, he spoke of a “murder”. He place since the beginning of the week, there’s always the question: “Why the man who killed George Floyd is not in prison? If you had done that or if I would have done it, was accused of conspiracy, we are now behind bars.” He had no answer to this question, the mayor said.

The four participating in the operation, officials have been released after the release of the video, but they were not arrested. The FBI and the Prosecutor’s office of Minnesota to determine in the case, and President Donald Trump tweeted that he had asked the Federal police to expedite their investigation. He called the death of Floyd’s “a very, very sad occasion”.

No charges, again and again

With his question to mayor Jacob Frey to speak, is what drives many of the protesters in Minneapolis and elsewhere: the Knowledge that there is for victims of police violence rarely such a thing as justice. The officials, the laying down six years ago in New York the death of Eric Garner, was indicted for never Trumps justice Minister William Barr ordered last summer, the investigation against him.

Also in Los Angeles and other US cities, people demonstrated against police violence.Photo: Getty

it was the same in the case of the African-American Michael Brown, was shot to death in 2015 in Ferguson in the state of Missouri: The official who had given the shots, was never charged. In Minneapolis, as many now fear the same could happen.

This pattern explains a reason for the anger of the protesters. Another pattern is that cases of police not be justified by the violence of the responsible rare that the victim is armed or violence was employed.

In the case of George Floyd it sounded initially similar: The 46-Year-old did mean, upon his arrest, “physically resisting”, it had welcomed in the first reaction of the police to use. It is, however, in several other Videos that have since been published by Floyd’s arrest, nothing to see.

“have you done my brother hung”

Some of the protesters retreated on Wednesday, the house of the police officer that you see in the Video, as he pushes to be a knee in the neck of Floyd. They demanded that he is accused of.

It is not the first Time that Derek Chauvin, the Name of the officials involved in a case of police violence in 2008, when he shot during a mission, a man who should have tried to grab the gun of another police officer. According to a local organization, the power for police reforms, was Chauvin also involved in two other operations in which police officers shots on Suspicious charges.

And it is not the first Time that the authorities in Minneapolis are faced with protests against police operations that ended in death. But perhaps hardly a case was still as clear as that of George Floyd.

His brother Philonise Floyd announced on Thursday an Interview with CNN. He talked about how hard it was for him to look at the nearly ten-minute-long Video that shows the use against his brother. No one could understand what happened there, said Floyd. He also calls for consequences for those responsible: “you have caused my brother hung, in the light of day.”

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