Police series in the United States – your friend and helper in Hollywood and the police lead for more than 60 years ago, a very special relationship. After the killing of George Floyd of the cable channel Paramount Network in the U.S. series “Cops” pulls the plug. Jürgen Schmieder, Los Angeles2 Kommentare2Die Reality series “Cops” in which police officers were accompanied with the camera, is set according to the allegations.Photo: Screenshot CopsTV/Youtube

It is not without a certain irony that Donald Trump has been writing for more than a week every day a record for Twitter, which consists of only two words: “LAW & ORDER!” The U.S. President calls in order to law and order in the face of protests against racism and police violence – only Law & Order is also the title of a TV show, it’s been close to 30 years. In the little younger offshoot, Law & Order: SVU Ice-T plays a COP. Of those rappers, so, the published with the Heavy Metal Band Body Count used to be the song “Cop Killer” and now on Twitter, the road experienced chief critic Trumps there.

The main characters in Law & Order, cops are as common in American shows. In view of the current developments after the killing of George Floyd will be a discussion about the Genre now violently. The Reality Format of Cops around for many years has been suspected, to glorify the police. 33. Playing time would be at 15. June started, but now the cable channel Paramount Network has dropped the show. “We have no plans for the present and for the future”, say it in a message. And also in other Genres of the media industry is responding: The HBO, Max removed the film classic gone with The wind temporarily out of the program because he “doubles of questionable ethnic and racial prejudice”.

Hollywood police but since more than 60 years ago, a very special relationship. In the beginning belonged for the entertainment industry, the Stars to missteps free know what would, or to get filming permits for public places easier. In return, police officers were shown to be positive, some of the producers decide, in the 60s series Dragnet, for example, your scripts by the police approve. Meanwhile, a study by the market research company Nielsen, are located the three most successful drama series in this Genre, namely, Navy CIS, FBI, and Blue Bloods showed.

Propaganda of the police?

The typical American police series follows mostly the same pattern: a crime is cleared up to the end of an Episode or a season. Police officers do not have to be the angel, you break the rules – but usually for you to summarize at the end of the villain and a potential victim to save. There are numerous studies of this series, a couple of anomalies: the victims are disproportionately light-skinned women, the culprit is very often dark-skinned, or foreign. Popular regions of origin: the Middle East, China, North Korea, and, Yes, Germany.

of Course, there are also fantastic Cop series, The Wire, for example, on the streets of Baltimore or the Sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which breaks many stereotypes. But there are also works such as Blue Bloods, which act as Propaganda for the police. An example: In one episode an African-American jumps out of a window, police pretend violence.

And there were Cops. The series initially ran for 25 years on the free-to-air channel Fox and differed from other series in that they had no script. The Reality Format, so it was marketed at the very least, the actual everyday life of police officers, unfiltered show. The perspective of the series, however, is designed so that the camera looks always at the officials over the shoulder. They justify their actions, there is no doubt as to who is the villain. The viewers are already alone due to the structure of the series on the side of the cops. Already in 2005, it came out that the police reviewed the individual episodes before broadcast and they showed the series young people, to inspire you for the police service.

“Many of these broadcasts belong to the PR Department of the police.”

Color-of-Change-Manager Rashad Robinson,

in 2013, the civil rights movement, Color of Change, the discontinued series called – first of all with success: Fox not to renew the contract in March 2013. But only two months later, the Paramount Network owned channel Spike TV took over the license. The ratings, however, were sobering, the last of which only 470 to saw’000 people per episode. “It is the right decision, but we need more of these decisions,” said Color-of-Change-Manager Rashad Robinson of the New York Times, in the face of the end of Cops. “Many of these broadcasts belong to the PR Department of the police.”

Law & Order: SVU, however, is always praised for, with all the Exaggeration of the everyday life of police officers appropriately. Meanwhile, there are 478 consequences of, and number of other Primetime series. A number of difficult topics, the Format does not shrink back. Exactly what many Twitter users suggest the U.S. President, if he writes again: “LAW & ORDER!”

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