In the case of investigations into alleged extreme right-wing police officers seems to corroborate the suspicion that there might be a structural Problem within the police. As on Monday it became known that there are more suspected cases. These have fleshed out now. According to information from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung at least three other police departments should be of the extreme right-wing activities of your officials concerned. There is talk of “abnormalities”, which would have been shown in terms of Statements and actions of some officials. Affected the Bureau West of Hessen in Wiesbaden, Offenbach and Fulda. Whether the allegations are also relevant to criminal apparently tested currently. Also, it is still unclear whether they are with the Frankfurt network, or autonomously.

The Committee on internal Affairs of the Landtag will address this Wednesday with the allegations in a special session. The group of the left party had been last week, as this newspaper reported on the Frankfurt case, a request is introduced, what should be clarified, since when the Ministry of the interior of the suspicion against the officers knew and why was the Committee not informed. Now, to clarify, how the cases, extending apparently over the whole of Hesse, for so long Hidden, could stay. And if not but in the leadership level of the police, the necessary sensitivity has been wanting to react to at the slightest suspicion.

Meanwhile, showed up on this Tuesday, another Drohschreiben, which was sent to several criminal defense lawyers, authorities and the media, and even this newspaper. Is overwritten it with “NSU 2.0” – the same designation, who had used the author or authors of the Fax to the Frankfurt criminal defense lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz. From security circles, to listen to, take this new Writing seriously, can’t place it yet. It could be the same author, it is also possible a copycat was.