At the state election in Thuringia in September to make five police officers for the AfD. The trade Union of police (GdP) is now demanding that they disassociate themselves from Björn Höcke, and the right wing of the AfD. How do you judge the initiative?

Anna-Lena Ripperger

editor in the policy.

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in Principle, every organization must account for how you deal with a Situation like this. It is for a Volunteer fire Department okay if someone does his voluntary work perfectly, at the same time, AfD member? Or you follow the example of Peter Fischer, the President of Eintracht Frankfurt, and says the can’t agree? But with a view to police officers or General officers the question again in a different way.

Because they are representatives of the state and the AfD from the protection of the Constitution recently, the test case was declared?

That, apparently, many police officers in the AfD feel well cared for so thoughtfully. Because it is the key professional competence of police officers is to defend the rule of law – the AfD fights and with your argument ad absurdum. Although one must be honest to say that right-wing parties, like the Republicans, or the Schill-party, were even earlier for certain police officers attractive.

Why are police officers of these parties attracted?

There is always a certain amount of culture in the police, more toughness, more strength and more clarity. This has a lot to do with the specific professional experience of police officers – they are constantly confronted with violence and aggression.

all police officers in the case, But that is why the AfD.

no, but the own experiences of the development of radical world can promote images, especially when police officers, their daily life is not process experiences good or her awareness of Democracy is not particularly developed. To prevent this, should, in fact, accompanied all the police officers regularly and will advise.

How should respond to the police according to the decision of the constitutional protection to the AfD members in their ranks?

it is Important that the police deal now specifically with the awareness of Democracy and the democracy commitment of your employees. In the future, there can be no false compromise, if not more, for civil servants to move within the framework of the rule of law.