The Ultimatum is expired police grant occupied Juch-ArealUm midnight, was withdrawn by the city police empty-handed. Now it is array with a large on the Site in Altstetten returned. The squatters had already left.Lorenzo Petrò, Salome Müller9 Kommentare9Verbrannte spray cans, paintings, and a Barricading: looked like the Juch Area after the occupation.Tamedia

On Saturday morning has made the city of Zurich, the ernst and the evacuation of the occupied Juch-areal in Zurich-Altstetten pulled through. The town police squad with a great on-the-spot.

With a large contingent present: The city police car on Saturday morning with a strip and several box cars on the occupied site in Zurich-Altstetten ascended.Photo: Salome Müller

According to the media spokesman Marco Cortesi had been granted an eviction order at 8 o’clock in the morning, the squatters were. When the police arrived, was to leave the premises. The eviction had taken some 45 minutes, and was expired “is completely unspectacular,” said Cortesi. Already construction workers in the city are on the Site. You have the order to make the premises uninhabitable. So the squatters don’t return to the shanty town that once served as an asylum accommodation, it is guarded until further notice from a private security service to the Client.

The occupiers had called in the Social media of resistance against the eviction. In the night they had celebrated as the winner, because the patrols of the city police were withdrawn.

For today, Tomorrow, 10 o’clock, then you are invited to the “Corona-Brunch” on the Site. A similar “solidarity action” on Friday prevented the police with the Perimeter of the site.

Already The Juch exit the Area, and what remains of a cast left.Photo: Salome Müller

The security Department of the original on the 24 had. April deadline for the evacuation of the area shortly before the end in a surprising turn of until midnight returns is extended this Friday. The postponement was granted on the grounds that the Area, more people were staying than originally assumed and that a timely statement of the Dwelling under the current Corona-related restrictions and rules of conduct could not be ensured.

Stapo-media spokesman Marco Cortesi inspected on Saturday morning, the already abandoned Area.Photo: Salome Müller

the town was already midday on Friday, before the expiry of the ultimatum, with a number of police on site, called in irritated reactions. In a joint communication from the SP, the greens and the AL of the city of Zurich in condemning the actions as “completely unreasonable and legally untenable”. The FDP welcomes the fact that the city keeps on “Ultimatum to the occupiers of the Juch-site festival” and the bends.

builders are supposed to make the Juch-Area “uninhabitable”.Photo: Boris Müller

this Morning a representative of the city have signed the social departments of the criminal justice command, said Cortesi. If the eviction date is deliberately in front of the Corona-Brunch on the Juch-Area set, don’t want to Cortesi say. It had been a “continuous planning”.

In a statement from today, Saturday the Migrantifa writes: “Prior to the Vacancy the Juch was used as a test centre for the Federal asylum camp. The Asylum is a repressive, violent institution of the Swiss state. After the occupation of a diverse and open space. That is why we say as a People* of Color, and immigrant*inside: Juch remains!”

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