for example, If one of the first people from the Team, Belgium, will begin in the pole vault jumper Her Then, qualified as a medical doctor, on Friday at the uci road world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the Qatari in Doha. She has many, many, very, very, very much for her sport. “If I, as a doctor would have to work at it, I was probably richer and richer. Now, I have had a period of time in a caravan and lived in it because it was too expensive to rent an apartment.”

now, She’s struggling to keep her tears under control, nineteen-year-high-in-the-chic veelsterrenhotel views of the Arabian gulf, is the home base of the Belgian atletenploeg during the world cup, which is Friday, will start. That’s the hardest part of her sport for the love of training. They will, after all, and her coach, one to two times per week. Not because they want to work out.

“I don’t have the money to give my coach full-time to pay for it, I will have to make choices for myself, to try to beredderen.” And what do you do when the polsstoktrainingen in the winter and play in the Dutch Fly? Then: “I’ve been looking at the prices of the apartments and then you’ll be 500 euros per month) will be lost. Always a back-and-forth to drive back to Belgium was not an option. So, I have four months in a caravan and lived on a camping site close to the training facilities. And, to make matters worse, I had to be a certain point in time, have no heat.”

A little smile. “There seem to be two types of cylinders, one of which is that the contents will freeze if it gets too cold, and one that doesn’t freeze. So, I had the wrong one was taken. But, luckily, I had my dog in it. It’s called Rio, and it weighs in at 42 kilograms. That has me bound in a way (laughs).”

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A profstatuut they don’t. “I’ve literally said, ” you’re too old to be a contract of employment. The only way to get there is to get, it is as well.”

Then, however, and graduated as a medical doctor. Why wouldn’t they when the doctor does? Then: “The problem is that I have a seven-year doktersstudies behind-the-back, but still have value. This requires a minimum of 50 hours of studies per week; however, I can’t pole vault. Most likely, I would now be richer as a doctor, but I don’t want to give up.”

Even though it is the season, after a tough achillespeesblessure, which makes them not able to pole vault. Why, Then, all those sacrifices to do it? “I feel as though I ever have to 4,65 m in height is in the legs I have. I am not so far of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.”

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