In the case of the German stock exchange, and the business is about. The operator of the Frankfurt stock exchange has exceeded last year, its own profit forecast seem to be clear. As the company announced on Tuesday evening in Eschborn near Frankfurt, the adjusted net profit 2018 preliminary calculations indicate that by 17 percent over the previous year’s level. Originally, the stock exchange, the rushes for years of result record result record had expected, with a growth of the net result of at least ten percent. In 2017, the group had earned under the dash 857 million euros.

The company benefited, in contrast to many banks, the last of the sometimes violent fluctuations on the stock exchanges in connection with various political crises all over the world, and the trade dispute between America and China. The company earned both the securities trading –regardless of whether the rates rise or fall –as well as in the case of hedging transactions on the Eurex. The Dax group wants the detailed Figures on 14. February publish. The share price rose on Wednesday in early trading to just under one percent. Many analysts had already expected that last year’s incumbent stock exchanges-in-chief Theodor Weimer surpasses its own profit forecast.

Weimer has led as the successor of an Insider affair, stumbling Ex-boss Carsten kengeter lead the stock market in the past year, in calmer water and at the same time, vigorously saved. Most recently, he had made several times his appetite for Acquisitions is clear and, among other things, declared: “We need bigger Deals, which will bring us further forward.” One of He threaded a merger with the London stock exchange LSE had failed in the spring of 2017.

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