Platform Eat is orange – the Dutch deliver us the food after HauseDie Corona-crisis brought Dominic Millioud record-high orders. After the merger with the Dutch the former delivery-Start-up is now one of the largest in the world. Also, the customers benefit.Maren Meyer0 and in the future, a company. For customers, this means More Restaurants to Choose from. Photo: Keystone

those Who today, Tuesday, to ordered his lunch, sees orange. Gone is the Logo that is reminiscent in its colors to a rainbow. New the hungry customers see a orange house with a knife and fork. is now officially into Dutch hands.

And customers, who know particularly well in the world of Swiss services delivery notice: it is no longer there. Both brands run in the Switzerland The delivery service is now part of the Dutch

The Name was kept for the Eat

“.ch is the brand under which we were founded and we have for the last 12 years. We want to keep this local Couleur,” says Dominic Millioud, It was not the right decision to switch the brand. However, the delivery service has long been more Swiss. In 2015, the British stock exchange listed company, acquired Just Eat, founded in 2007, the Swiss Start-up.

And since the age of 15. April, the Acquisition by under roof and subject. In a share exchange, both companies have merged. The former delivery-Start-up is now playing in the League of the largest services in the world with delivery: 155’000 Restaurants in the new is one giant Delivery worldwide. alone, almost 160 million orders brought in last year to 19.5 million customers. And Just Eat processed alone in the first quarter of this year, over 65 million deliveries. Of the merger of the two platforms in Switzerland, the customer benefited: Him and more Restaurants are now available to choose from.

“Now is not the time to save. We still have enough air to the top, in order to continue to grow.”

Dominic Millioud,,

In Switzerland will change for little: the end of the year the lease runs out at the headquarters in Zurich, but the site should remain in Switzerland. Millioud will continue to lead the business in Switzerland, layoffs are not planned.

“Now is not the time to save. We still have enough air to the top, in order to continue to grow,” says Millioud. Because the total market for food delivery services in Switzerland is growing rapidly: in 2018, the total turnover of 1.2 billion Swiss francs, and it rose today to 1.4 billion. Only a third of the orders online. “We continue to invest, the market is still in its infancy,” he says.


overrun can be fast and unexpected growth, showed already in the first days after the Corona-related Lockdown of the Restaurants. “We were overrun with requests,” says the 41-year-old Millioud. In the beginning of time so many requests from Restaurants to be come clean, which could not be machined at all. Since the beginning of the crisis, hundreds of new Restaurants had been switched on to the platform.

“We were overrun with requests,” says Dominic Millioud. From the beginning of the Lockdown on the 16. March doubled and tripled the orders in the in different regions of Switzerland.Photo: Dominique Meienberg

in January, the Eat cracked the mark of 500 000 orders. Corona was the growth in the past few months, a huge boost. However, before the orders went right through the ceiling, reported the delivery platform in mid-March, a small Dent: “the uncertainty of The customers was big. To order, instead of food, it was toilet paper purchased,” says Millioud.

But from the beginning of the Lockdown on the 16. March doubled and tripled the orders in various regions of Switzerland. The strongest day of the 1 was in the whole of Switzerland. May. The orders went off at 7 in the morning to 140 per cent, to 8 o’clock in the morning to 160 percent.

Now, the orders have stabilized at a high level. The Pizza is still the number one. But other dishes, such as Momos, Tibetan dumplings, are very often ordered. More often Switzerland ordered inside Cheeseburger (+130 percent), and Tacos (+110 percent). Also, Mousse au Chocolat and Tiramisu enjoyed great popularity. the

wine and beer orders

not only eating was more frequently ordered. Beer and wine were the Swiss home delivery. So it was ordered during the Lockdown twice as much beer as before, and 70 percent more wine, mainly red. The Restaurants now since 11. May are re-opened, would the order want to do of the customers, not demolition, says Millioud.

as soon as the orders in the rose, was also the Transformation of the site is done. Only on the Windows of the almost 3000 Swiss partner restaurants, the old rainbow colored Logo, that could not be quickly replaced, shimmers even. Altogether Holland has not kept up in Switzerland, so still feeding.

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