The search in the channel for the missing footballer Emiliano Sala and the pilot is unsuccessful. The police announced on the British channel island of Guernsey, on Thursday. “The chances of Survival in this stage are extremely low,” said harbour master, David Barker, according to the announcement. The closest Relatives of the two had been informed.

The single-engine propeller machine, with which the 28-year-old Sala from the French city of Nantes to Wales and Cardiff had to fly, had disappeared on Monday evening from the Radar. Sala himself had expressed the evening in a voice message of concern, the plane could crash. He was after a million transfer on the way to his new club Cardiff City.

The rescue workers had searched for over three days, a total of 24 hours – in vain. Of the small plane, with the Sala on the road had been, and continues to be a lack of any track. The BBC has published a Video of Salas’s sister, pleaded in a press conference in Cardiff, the not search.

switch to Cardiff City just a few days ago known

Barker has become said in a statement to journalists that he could not understand that the Salas family was not satisfied with the decision to stop the search. “I am absolutely convinced that we can’t do more.” Ships and aircraft in the area would be encouraged to keep to the tracks of the machine looking.

according to media reports, the Sala out of the plane sent a voice message to his friends. “I’m up here in the airplane that breaks down, apparently, in its individual parts, and am on the way to Cardiff,” it said in the on Tuesday evening (local time) published an audio file. “If you hear in one and a half hours of no news from me: I don’t know if the ever send someone to look for me, because you won’t find me anyway. Then you do know. Dad, I’m so scared,” said Sala, where “Papa” can mean in Argentine Spanish, “Oh, man”.