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The statue dedicated to Junípero Serra in his hometown, the majorcan Petra, has dawned this morning with a plastic bag placed on the head of the above-mentioned sculpture. Once you have discovered this act of vandalism, the bag has been withdrawn immediately by operators of municipal . The mayor of the municipality, Salvador Femenías, the nationalist party-center-Proposta per les Illes (PI), has condemned the attack.

The event has been held two days after in the early hours of last Monday, the statue of fray Junipero located in Palma de Mallorca had already been the victim of another act of vandalism. In particular, someone wrote in red paint the word “racist” in its stone base. The paint splashed one’s own bronze sculpture, in which appears the figure of the saint of majorca accompanied by a native of the land of California, who evangelized in the EIGHTEENTH century. That same Monday, several members of the Brotherhood of the Holy Charity of Palma cleaned up on a voluntary and disinterested the monument.

beyond the performance of the above-mentioned guild, a team of workers of the Municipal Company of Waters and Sewers of the City of Palma culminated yesterday with the task of recovery and rehabilitation of the statue, following the protocol established by the official chronicler of the consistory palmesano. So, we proceeded to clean the sculpture with water at a high pressure, for stripping of a soft surface, remove the paint and not damage the two bronze figures.

a previous Attack

Such attacks in Petra and in Palma took place after the end of last week would have been torn down paths statues of fray Junipero in the united States, a Friday in San Francisco and the other on Saturday in Los Angeles. It just so happens that l a canonization of this key figure in Spanish catholicism was produced on the 23rd of September 2015 in the own north american country , in the Basilica Immaculate Conception Washington. Pope Francis, who presided over the ceremony, stressed that the so-called “apostle of California” always sought “to defend the dignity of the native community”.

prior to the act of vandalism of a Palm, and without any relation with the same, the councillor in charge of Social Justice, Feminism and LGBTI in the City of Palma, Sonia Vivas, of United we Can, said on Sunday in her official Twitter account that “the cities speak through the names of its streets, monuments and statues. Have a political history of elites and oligarchies. The inhabitants take the word in San Francisco and throw in the statue of Junipero Serra. In Palma, peacefully, should be the same.”

In the consistory of Palm rules in the current mandate, a tripartite formed by the PSOE, United we Can and MONTH. The city mayor is the socialist José Hila. In opposition are the PP, Vox and Cs.

Different values

Spinning, spoke on Monday about the opinion of the sarpanch of United we Can, which is part of the team of municipal government tripartite. “It’s a tweet, a personal, a personal opinion, that all the world can do in your life, but it is not an opinion of the government team, as it has not been discussed ever or has ever raised,” said the mayor to questions from the media, adding: “therefore, the government team does not support this issue.”

From the opposition, the PP, Vox, Cs, and PI strongly criticized the act of vandalism of a Palm as the statements of the sarpanch Alive. In parallel, Vox registered in the regional Chamber and the Consell de Mallorca is a proposal for a institutional statement in recognition of fray Junipero. In addition, the Bishopric of Mallorca issued a press release in which it regretted and condemned “an international movement renewed to heal memories and to correct the injustices of racism” has been “kidnapped by some in a movement of violence, looting and vandalism”. The critical reactions continued yesterday, in particular from the entity Civil Society of the Balearic islands and from the Association for the Revitalisation of the Centres Old.

For his part, the mayor of Petra has defended these days the figure of the evangelist. “We want to make it clear that the work of our neighbor has always been a work that is inclusive, positive and humanitarian. Took place the foundation of great cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego… where its legacy of religious, cultural, and agriculture has been studied by many historians, international different universities. His work in these places has left a very positive balance, that here on our island and the rest of the national territory is not anything known. Therefore, it is necessary to put in value the whole of this task to recognise your figure”, it stressed Femenías through a press release.