Antwerp –

as a Writer, Pieter Aspe, will, after a year’s absence, re-signing at the book Fair in Antwerp Expo. That he Thursday know. Last year, he expressed to the market this unique sharp criticism of the policies of the organiser of the, and, in particular, on the prices. He has now found a solution for this: when a new book at the book Fair and get a coupon for later, the next book in the book store.

to the market this unique continues on to say that at this point. “I was hoping that something would change, but in a new familieticket after this, I see that it is not right”, he indicates. “Again, stay away from it and at the pub are going to sign as was the case last year, however silly. So, I thought, as a Book.the be doesn’t change anything, I will do it myself.”

With the discount coupon of 5 euro for the visitor ‘In episode 2’ you can buy it, in fact, half of his (the default), the ticket is reimbursed if he later when the next book is on the market this unique purchase in the bookstore. “I have a discount coupon for a later time to do so, because on-the-spot may be nothing to repay,” says Aspe. “This is a symbolic action, but it’s also sincere. It’s been a few years back with the Book, and recently discovered that they even have the bezoekerscijfers to have been tampered with. They should be more focused on attracting authors and visitors alike.”

to the market this unique will make the Book available are 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 and 11 november, from 13 o’clock.

More about Pieter Aspe Publisher to the market this unique SA will come next year with a novel about the scandals in the church, the Wife of Pieter Aspe can get to the Siska Schoeters after you read: “She called me three times in one golddigger” is The hell of a honeymoon, by Pieter Aspe: ‘I never even set foot on Zanzibar” by Pieter Aspe (65) and is married to a friend of mine who he was after only one week in to marriage early