White notebook for Pierre Ménès. This weekend of June 25, 2022, the sports journalist announced his marriage to Mélissa Acosta by revealing a photo of their union on his Instagram page. Accomplices and entwined, the fifties wore a navy blue suit while his wife was lovely in her wedding dress.

“Finally! Husband and wife. A wonderful evening at our house with our friends. A flash of happiness in very hard times on all levels. But you are always by my side my rock, my strength, my love”, declares the columnist Pierre Ménès to his wife. A beautiful statement welcomed by Internet users in their comments. Among the subscribers and anonymous, several stars sent their congratulations such as the actress and comedian Claudia Tagbo, the sports journalist Estelle Denis or the ex-columnist of TPMP Capucine Anav.

Already married for the first time with the mother of his two children, Anne and Axel, the journalist Pierre Ménès evoked the women of his life in Second half, published in March 2017. The opportunity to pour out on this discreet mestizo from of the Dominican Republic in the pages of the book. “I had passed the age of fairy tales when I met Mélissa… I loved this girl who smelled strongly of the Caribbean, the sunny culture, the good mood”.

A meeting dating back to March 2011 in a restaurant in Vendée, while the young woman was studying in Nantes. Asked by comedian Nawell Madani on his YouTube channel, Pierre Ménès did not hesitate to deliver a shameful anecdote about his wife. “I met her in a restaurant, Le Nossy Be, which was our favorite restaurant, on the beach in La Baule. She was having lunch with a friend. And, in fact, I met her the day she took the cooked with his life”. If the two friends had no feelings, however, the young woman says she spoke with the journalist for several months by message. “He said to me ‘Go to Paris’ on December 27 and since that day we have never left each other”.

Present in good and bad times, his wife Mélissa supported him a lot during his recovery after being affected by liver disease, then contracting covid in 2020. “She represents everything. She is the woman I love. loves. And then during this period of illness, she was 29 years old, she made the gift of her for 7 months. Her life was to take care of me”, already confided the former consultant of Canal for Télé- Hobbies in 2019. “She has this mentality of the people of the islands, she is extremely positive. She is someone who never gave up while I was sick, who gave me strength, positive. She carried me at arm’s length literally and figuratively”.

Before the start of their relationship, Mélissa Acosta left everything (her life in Miami, her job in Nantes…) to join Pierre Ménès in the capital. Living their romance in secret, they then formalized their couple during the La Baule Film Festival in 2015. Focus on the most beautiful photos of the couple to discover in our slideshow.