The sublime French actress Emmanuelle Béart is the happy mother of three children, from her various relationships. Her first daughter, Nelly, was born in 1992, the result of her relationship with actor Daniel Auteuil. Six years later, she becomes the mother for the second time of a boy whom she names Johan, born of her romance with the composer David Moreau.

In 2008, the star of Manon des sources married comedian Michaël Cohen in Genappe, Belgium. More in love than ever, the following year they adopted a boy named Surifel. Discreet about her three offspring, Emmanuelle Béart speaks only on rare occasions in the media. However, in February 2021, the famous actress agreed to confide in them in the columns of Elle magazine. An interview during which she was complimentary to them. Children “super bright, super serious, super not like me!”, She said, adding. “My terror is to have the children of actors, well, according to the stereotype, spoiled and lazy rotten kids. Well, they are immense hard workers, and that is my immense pride”.

On social networks, the 59-year-old star had published in June 2020 a rare snapshot of her three still-baby children. An exception for those who try to keep their family life as far as possible away from the front pages of people magazines. Recently, in March 2022, it was his companion Michaël Cohen who unveiled a rare photo of their adopted son, on the occasion of his birthday.

For the occasion, Planet invites you to discover the three children of Emmanuelle Béart in our slideshow.