In 1999, the singer Romane Serda met Renaud at the Closerie des Lilas. In the program Chez Jordan, the ex-companion of the artist had mentioned their meeting. “I had an appointment with a director of a record company. He gives me an appointment at the Closerie des Lilas. I come in and there I see two very clear eyes. The guy I’m with said hello and I I’m staying back, I’m waiting for them to say hello”, she explained and added: “They are talking so I’m going to sit in a table at the back and there I’m told that Renaud would like to write to me 12 songs. And there, I don’t understand why they tell me that.”.

After their meeting, the young woman therefore waits for her call for two days. “When I finish my meeting, I leave La Closerie and Renaud says to me ‘I’m calling you’. In fact, he doesn’t call me and then I say to myself ‘what a mouthful’. Two days later, he writes me a fiery email and we start from this principle: write emails and address each other “. A love story which is concretized by a marriage in Las Vegas then in 2005 a union at the town hall of Châteauneuf-de-Bordette in the Drôme. The following year, she gave birth to their first child, a boy named Malone.

Their romance ended in 2011 due to the singer’s alcohol addiction. “His whole being, his moods, his intelligence, his memory, is indexed to the quantity of alcohol which flows through his veins”, wrote Romane Serda in his book A la vie à la mort.

Since then, Renaud would have found love in the arms of another woman, according to information from Paris Match.