Adams was identified as the defendant who left five dead, such as a dominant physician

Phillip Adams’ brain is going to be analyzed for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that was shown to influence several former NFL players to induce violent mood swings and other cognitive disorders, a South Carolina coroner’s office said Friday.

Adams was recognized as the defendant after five people were shot and killed Wednesday in a bloody rampage until he turned the gun on himself. A notable South Carolina physician, his wife, their two grandchildren along with also an air engineer were identified as the victims in the shooting Rock Hill.

He endured two concussions and a broken ankle during his brief career.

Adams’ family accepted the mind process to be contained as a member of the autopsy, York County Coroner Sabrina Guest stated. Medical University of South Carolina will operate with Boston University to check if Adams’ mind was affected by CTE.

Robert Lesslie allegedly was Adams’ physician, but York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson denied both had a doctor-patient relationship.

Authorities haven’t identified a motive in the shooting.

Adams’ father, Alonzo, had informed WCNC-TV he believed”football up him.” Adams’ sister told USA Today that her brother”mental wellbeing awakens quickly and horribly bad” along with her family detected”extremely concerning indications of emotional illness.

Whether Adams endured from CTE will require weeks to determine.

Former NFL athletes and players are a number of those athletes that have suffered in the brain disorder. A 2017 study discovered indications of CTE at 110 of 111 NFL players whose brains have been scrutinized.

He was chosen in the seventh round, but he would not remain in San Francisco for extended.

He played in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons at 2015.