Four years already. On October 28, 2018, host Philippe Gildas left us at the age of 82 after a long battle with kidney cancer. A few days later, his family and friends (Bruno Solo, José Garcia, Antoine de Caunes…) paid him a final tribute at his funeral at Père-Lachaise where he rests for eternity.

Since the disappearance of the famous animator of Nowhere else, his widow Maryse confided her loneliness and her life without her husband. “I’m alone, a little abandoned, what. He’s there, but I’m alone”, she said in 2020 in What became of them?, on Non Stop People. Before adding, not without a certain nostalgia. “You have to be positive but it was very very hard, the end was very hard, but hey, he’s present, he’s there, I feel he can protect me. I like to tell myself that he’s close of me”.

PAF’s flagship and media couple, Philippe and Maryse Gildas met in 1975 in the studios of the Europe 1 station. fall in love with each other. “We worked together for six years in the early morning and our love was declared a little later. We were very happy in this house which is still a bit ours. I stopped in the morning, we missed each other , we saw each other again, and the story started for 36 years of tremendous happiness”, she confided on Europe 1 during her disappearance.

Mother of a daughter named Valérie, born of her relationship with sports journalist Jean-Michel Leuillot in 1967, Maryse Gildas married host Philippe Gildas in 1990. Both formed a large blended family with three boys of the presenter, Gildas, Hervé and Christophe. If their children are discreet in the media, the ex-speakerine does not hesitate to give her news.

Invited in March 2021 in L’instant de Luxe, Maryse evoked with a certain emotion. “I miss him every day, all the time, every minute. It’s terrible. He made me promise to try to live without him, so I’m trying, but it’s hard. What’s the most hard, it’s loneliness, the lack of him”, facing host Jordan De Luxe.