Philippe Geubels, was a Monday guest at the Dutch tv station RTL. In the talk, “Beau”, was he to talk about ‘Taboo’, the series he created, and who has also been nominated for an Emmy Award. Then, when the episode is about a terminally-ill patient in the case came, it was Geubels a very difficult time.

Photo: © VRT – She Gheysens < / P> Geubels to the use of the general public to explain how the program worked, and how it leads a breakthrough. “It was emotionally difficult. You are going to have on a vacation, you will be after just one day, friends,” said Geubels. “But it’s a lot worse to make your life out to be, then, that you are laughing.”

the story is about a terminally-ill patient and Mireille was Geubels in the visible is difficult. “You’re going on a vacation with people who you know are going to die. It is very difficult. She also writes, is also dead. I do have some time to meet and talk with her. And then I crashed into the day care center when I had my daughter and went to fetch it. The ladies at the day care center have a weird looking up,” he said.

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in That joke of god to be created, seemed to be the presenter is the hardest part. “Actually, that’s not the case. There was a fuss about it, because I hadn’t done that, because one of the participants asked for. For him, it was too hard. That belief is so deep that it is impossible,” said Geubels. “But if I’m invited, and I’m getting a whole night’s humiliation, because I have a wine stain on my face at all. It would be very rude to him.”

Geubels to work in a new series of the programme.

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