In recent years, the former host of the Big Heads, Philippe Bouvard, has been more and more discreet in the media. Invited to the show C à Vous to promote the release of his autobiography Le petit monde de Don Bouvardo, the 92-year-old journalist confided in his state of health. “Old age has given me some serious handicaps”, he then declared to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and added: “Well first of all my sight has become as thin as my waist (…) Then, this is not the only handicap. I hear very very badly”.

In the rest of his interview, the nonagenarian confessed frankly: “You can’t reach 93 as I do without nature letting you go a little bit (…) The main thing, especially when you do your job , is that there are a few lobes of the brain left,” he continued.

In 2014, Philippe Bouvard said goodbye to his favorite show Les Grosses Têtes in favor of host Laurent Ruquier. Since then, there have been peaceful days between Paris and Cannes, as he had declared to our colleagues from Parisian. “I retired to Cannes, my promised land. I continue to work. I have a weekly column on RTL where I am present for the 55th consecutive year”, he had declared and to conclude: “I also do a chronicle in “VSD” and I have another in real estate information. Besides, I still have a book in progress. The one you want to talk about today could be the last because I might not have no time to make another one”.