Personnel was controversial – Corrado Pardini in the Post-Board of Directors elected the former Bernese SP-Nationalrat is thus Gobet successor in February of deceased Michel. and, on a proposal from the trade Union Syndicom as a personal representative .4 Kommentare4Wortgewaltiger Debater: SP-national councillor Corrado Pardini in the national Council (20. June 2019). (Archive image)image: Keystone

Corrado Pardini new Post-the Board of Directors. The extraordinary General meeting of shareholders elected the former Bernese SP-national Council on Monday as the successor to the in February of deceased Michel Gobet and on a proposal from the trade Union Syndicom as a staff representative.

Pardini occurs in return to the end of July from the management as well as from all bodies of the trade Union Unia, such as those announced on Monday. Pardini will also be a candidate for the Executive Committee of the Unia.

The strong man of the Unia

Pardinis trade Union career had 33 years ago in the case of the Unia-the precursor to trade unions, construction and timber (GBH) and construction and industry (GBI) started. For twelve years he was a member of the Unia Executive Committee. From 2011 to 2019 Pardini was also a national Council for the SP.

According to the Post-articles of incorporation, the trade unions have a guaranteed two seats in the Board of Directors, a seat was vacant after the death of Gobets. The staff associations suggested Pardini, such as this newspaper had on Thursday made public.

the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga said on Friday that the Federal Council had considered the proposal of the Post-trade unions. The proposed Person was a capable and suitable personality. There are no conflicts of interest were found, in which the Federal Council would have to intervene, said the SP-politician, without naming names.


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