People at risk – car driver wanders through friedho fine motorists caused on Saturday in and around the cemetery Sihlfeld a large property damage. A Velofahrerin can save himself only by jumping to the side.1 Kommentar1Auf of the journey through Zurich, the unknown car driver did not in front of the gate of the cemetery Sihlfeld stop.Photo: Ennio Leanza (Keystone)

With a stolen vehicle an unknown car driver has damaged on Saturday afternoon in Zurich, several parked cars, Barriers, gates and a hedge. He raced through a cemetery. It is a major damage was done.

Like the city police on Sunday afternoon said, by the Arm of a light gray Audi A6 broke out on Saturday around 16 o’clock on the zurlinden Strasse 134 from the inside the massive garage door of the Parking garage and destroyed this. With the damaged car he drove then on an unknown route at the branching Aemtler-/Berta road and overtook a stationary vehicle convoy on the opposite carriageway.

he Then drove at the gold fountain road in a cul-de-SAC and broke through a hedge and barrier to the cemetery Sihlfeld. In the result he reached on the various gravel paths of the cemetery to the closed exit gate at the junction of Aemtler/hard austrasse. Also in front of the gate he didn’t stop there, by this broke and taught at the gate and the wall of a large property damage.

Velofahrerin makes jump to page

Then the Odyssey was about the hard austrasse to the zurlinden Strasse. There was a collision with several parked vehicles and a tree protection. At the branch Zurlinden-/Albisriederstrasse could bring a Velofahrerin in front of the approaching Audi only by jumping to the side in safety.

After that, the trip continued in the direction of albisrieden and ended at the Brahms Strasse 21, when the vehicle collided with a massive concrete base. The unknown vehicle fled the scene afterwards on foot in an unknown direction.

From collective garage

the First investigations of the city police of Zurich, stolen from revealed that the light gray combination in the period of 6. to 8. June from a collective garage to the hörnli street in Winterthur stolen had been.

at the Time, the Audi had mounted a valid German licence plates. On Saturday afternoon, were fitted to the total damaged Audi A6, other, stolen from German control signs .

The unknown Arm is, according to witness statements to an approximately 30 – to 40-year-old man. The police issued an appeal for witnesses.


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