Everything will now depend on the National Assembly. Since his re-election – and potentially even before, since it was already a subject close to his heart! -, the president is working with his executive to develop a new project for purchasing power. It is indeed a question of preserving the woolen stockings of the French men and women, very largely eaten away by the phenomenon of inflation that we observe today on the entire territory of France. Some in the retail sector fear potential inflation of between 7 and 10% in the weeks and months to come, as Planet has explained.

But how does Emmanuel Macron intend to fight against such a situation? He is considering a range of specific measures which should be spelled out with precision when the so-called “purchasing power” bill is voted on, informs France Info on its site. We will also have to be relatively patient: this will not be presented to the Council of Ministers before Wednesday July 6… and will only be examined by the National Assembly afterwards. Moreover, given the composition of the Bourbon palace, it is possible that some of the elements of the text will be revised, if not completely forgotten.

Therefore, what revaluations should we possibly expect for this summer? More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this site.

Certain upgraded benefits should also benefit from a form of retroactivity to July 1, our colleagues still indicate. This means that the entry into force of the text, as desired by the government, would allow beneficiaries to receive a reminder relating to the amounts that they should theoretically have received from next month and not only at the time of the possible vote by the parliament.