Pensions, purchasing power, reforms… Emmanuel Macron unveils his new plan of attack


It’s time for action, on the field. For this new five-year term, Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce a “new working method”. In his first interview since the evening of April 24 given to the regional press this Friday, June 3, the President of the Republic returned to the plan he intends to implement as soon as the legislative elections end. To those who reproach him for a time of inaction since his election, he replies: “We must distinguish between acting quickly and strongly, and precipitation. The war in Europe will have direct consequences on our lives. The time of crises will last. I I used the first weeks of this mandate to ask the government for a text on purchasing power. These last weeks have also been devoted to supporting Ukraine. Then there was the time for investitures and the formation of the government.”

“We are living in a comparable time. We are in a historic era which requires a profound change of model, and then, the war is here”, recalls the Head of State to several headlines in the regional press, including Le Parisien. “The French are tired of reforms that come from above. They have more common sense than circulars,” he explains. A new working method will thus be applied: “Paris must be at the service of the field”, judge Emmanuel Macron.

“As part of this National Council for Refoundation, I want our objectives and means to be defined on school and health. Then, from September, I would like discussions to take place on the ground, in the 1,200 living areas, which will be associated with all stakeholders, for health, for example, doctors, paramedics, elected officials and our patient associations.We will give ourselves several months to identify needs and build projects. A roadmap and quantified means will come out of it. Ditto for the school. We will put together educational staff, parents of pupils, extracurricular staff, elected officials and high school students. This cultural revolution starts from the ground and associates all the actors. We will put the corresponding means”, he added.

What about future reforms and the question of pensions? In the event of an insubordinate France victory in the legislative elections, would the Elysée tenant resolve to appoint Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Matignon?

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