A reform that is not unanimous. An important subject of debate during the presidential campaign, the pension reform desired by the current President of the Republic is far from unanimous, whether on the benches of the National Assembly or among the French population.

Several points of this reform are particularly discussed, starting with the special regimes. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron had promised “the abolition of certain special regimes” during the campaign, as recalled by L’Obs. However, for the time being, it has not been specified which ones would be concerned and how the government wanted to go about it.

This precise measure is highly contested by the social partners, but also by a large part of the employees who benefit from it. While France is currently going through a major energy and social crisis, provoking a wave of strikes among the professions concerned could have consequences that would not help the situation in the country.

In an article published on October 9 in the Journal du Dimanche, the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt spoke about the pension reform, specifying that a first round of consultation with the social partners would open on Tuesday. He also returned to the methods that the government would use to pass the most contested points of the project such as the special regimes or the retirement age. Here are all the announcements to remember.