A second intervention which swept away many subjects, as close as possible to the concerns of the French. On Wednesday October 26, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron spoke on the set of Événement, the new political program on France 2. Facing journalist Caroline Roux, the Head of State answered questions from the French concerning a plethora of subjects, at the heart of the news.

After a first interview devoted to international issues two weeks ago, Emmanuel Macron worked, this time, to address domestic political issues.

With, in the first line, the fight against inflation. The president thus promised more targeted aid for French households and businesses, while opposing the indexation of wages to inflation. “That’s not the solution,” he said. Otherwise, we maintain a rise in prices and this price-wage loop and we can’t stop it,” said Emmanuel Macron.

The subjects of security and immigration were also addressed by the Head of State, in the wake of the Lola affair, which made a deep impression.

If Emmanuel Macron refused to make the link between immigration and insecurity, he promised more firmness. “We are going to toughen things up with the countries of origin to move towards a 100% border escort rate for those who are the most dangerous,” he said. Before adding: “We have an increasingly violent society”, with “two battles to fight”: against “drugs and traffickers”, and against “domestic violence”.

Another point required several clarifications from the Head of State: the pension reform, and his controversial postponement of the retirement age to 65. While consultations have been underway for several weeks, Emmanuel Macron spoke of a possible postponement to 64 years old. It could be considered under several conditions… Discover them in the following slideshow.